Step Up For Students: Success Stories
Volume 4 Issue: 6                                                   February 2016
I Learned to Love in Kindergarten
I was a new teacher before I got my hands on a copy of a great book about learning almost everything we need to know about living while in kindergarten.  I can remember reading with intensity as I recalled learning almost all of the lessons shared in my own kindergarten class!

Now, as an educator with a few years "under my belt", I now look at things a little differently.  Oh, don't get me wrong!  I still think that I learned a lot of different life-long lessons from a half-day class, chocolate milk at break time, and a teacher with the proverbial 70's beehive on her head.

Its just that I can now see how all those life lessons all lead back to one central theme-LOVE.  Of course it is not the type of love our society wants us to think of, but the kind of love that seeks others before self!

That's a difficult thing in today's world as we are constantly bombarded with ideas and concepts that emphasize selfishness, personal gain, and getting ahead in life.  Through experience I have come to realize that it is the opposite that is true.  Sacrifice and selflessness have proven to win out every time!

Boy, to think of all the heartache I could have saved myself since kindergarten had I comprehended that my teacher was right- it is not going to hurt me to love others more than myself!  In fact, it will probably benefit me for a long time to come and maybe even stick with me for a lifetime.

So, as we celebrate Valentine's Day this month, take a moment with me to think about how we can love others for the rest of the year.  If we do, I'll bet we will have a better year!
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Thanks to over 11,000 parents, teachers, administrators, students and supporters of school choice for participating in this historical Rally in Tally! Click for updates and more photos. 
Lilah Ross, principal at Masters Preparatory in Hialeah, sent this link from WLRN in Miami, where students from their school are pictured.  Click here to listen and/ or read the article
Natasha Sherwood, administrator at Tampa Bay Christian Academy, texted at 5:51 AM that they had visits from Fox 13 News and Action 28 while boarding their two busses to attend the rally.
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The Broach School St. Petersburg celebrated School Choice week by donating books to The Police Athletic League and to Rosie's Daycare in the community. The week ended with lunch at Biff Burger! Jamie Cook-Martin, headmaster, is so proud of the students, parents and the hard working staff and teachers! 

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