Step Up For Students: Success Stories
Volume 3 Issue: 2September 2014



Sal Khan from Khan Academy wanted to share an article with you about how learning mindsets might be the most important thing we can teach today. 



Celebration of Achievement Student Performance and Student Work Wanted!

 November 13, 2014 is the Celebration of Achievement at the Tampa Theater. September 24th is the deadline for submitting the application for displaying exemplary student work and/or student performances. Coordinators are happy to pick up your student work during their first school visit. Please click this application link or contact your coordinator for more information. 


Office of Student Learning
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Vice President


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Shannon Kaminski

Instructional Technology Specialist 


The Success Stories newsletter is brought to all educators in Success Partners to share

the good news of parent partnerships and to recognize continuous improvement as educators

 grow in their appreciation of family engagement. 

Success Partners school spotlights!


Agape Christian School in Sarasota has built a 'Wall of Fame' celebrating students, families and staff!

Ridge Christian Assembly teachers made a large poster of hands, signed a hand and put the poster up in the foyer. After their administrator shared their parent/staff/partnership plans in the orientation meeting, the administrator asked for any parents who were willing to partner with them to sign one of the hands. Parents and students signed the poster and spent time talking with the teachers about the agreement.


Downey Christian School added technology to a 'Selfie' Scavenger Hunt during their beginning of the year school picnic for families. Dr. Smith paired families together and sent them on a hunt around campus with picture clues they had snapped earlier in the week. When the families discovered a clue they gathered round and took a selfie showing they found the item! After this fun activity, the families returned to the caf´┐Ż, where their selfie collection was checked and their family name was entered into a door prize drawing while the families enjoyed a cookout.  



SEPTEMBER :  Grade Book and Lesson Planner

All webinars begin at 3:45 PM. September 24, 25, 29, 30

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OCTOBER: Class Creation and Standards Profile

Webinars available twice on each date 12-1 PM and 3:30-4:30 PM

October 1, 2, 14, 16, 21, 22

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Contact Shannon Kaminski, Instructional Technology Specialist about any concerns or questions you have about implementing the TLE. (904-595-6832) 

Addition of CPALMS link added to Unit and Lesson Plans - available September 29

 CPALMS is a FREE online toolbox of information, vetted resources, and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards in most subject areas, including lesson plans. Developed by educators for educators in the state of Florida.
Children Experience Mathematical Success with 
Khan Academy Support

Dear Teacher,


I've been using Khan Academy with my children, and they've really enjoyed it for learning math. It provides a great personalized experience for them, focusing them on what they need to work on.

I saw that Khan Academy also has real-time reports that enable teachers to know what their students are working on and where they need help. And it's easy to get started:


Check out Khan Academy 


We're excited for your great teaching this year, and I just wanted to share in case Khan Academy could be a helpful tool for you. Thanks for everything you do!

Sincerely, Kitt Hirasaki
Designer at Khan Academy / Parent of two Khan Academy students 



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