Beautiful Thanksgiving Video produced by Sullivan Digital Media Students

(Students and a community volunteer made Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpieces for each table.)

If you can spare 6 minutes, catch this great warm up for the holiday season ….

The digital media students at Sullivan High School produced THIS VIDEO for a special Thanksgiving Celebration held at the school Tuesday, November 14, co-sponsored by Sullivan High School and newly created non profit Friends of Sullivan.

An incredible event - attended by 80 or so people - a dozen students, all refugees from around the world, their families, faculty and members from the community.

Thanks to the Heartland Cafe for partnering on this project and providing turkey, fixin's, their delicious apple cider and apple crisp desserts, to go along with delicacies brought in by student families. No one left hungry!

Boosted by an acclaimed English Learning program, Sullivan is a preferred high school for refugee and immigrant students - as featured in a Chicago Magazine article from last May. Tuesday night affirmed the magic of bringing a diversity of cultures and a spirit of thankfulness to our American holiday.

What great young people - and their classmates who made this video also amazing - and such a pleasure to get to meet them, and others. The event introduced several students to their first Thanksgiving - with many more to come!