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2015 Concerts in the Park

The Madera County Arts Council will kick off the free summer concert series on Sunday June 14th at Lions Town and Country Park in Madera with the big band sounds of the Joe Lenigan Band from 7-9:00PM. 

Concerts in Chowchilla will begin June 18th at the Veterans Memorial Park on Robertson Blvd. We will have a community BBQ hosted by the Madera Breakfast Lions at our final concert August 9th beginning at 6PM. Our raffle to benefit the concert series and our scholarship program will be drawn that evening at intermission..

The Joe Lenigan Band has been performing and entertaining in the central valley for over twenty five years. They feature musical diversity unlike no other band. With four horns, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar and great singers, they entertain audiences throughout the night.

Their repertoire consists of 'big band' swing, oldies, Motown, jazz and even some country selections. Members of the of the Joe Lenigan band have performed with the: Temptations, Four Tops, Johnny Mathis, Audra Mac Donald, Regis Philban, Little Anthony and the Imperials among others.

NEW Paid Sick Leave Policy  


July 1st is just around the corner and so is California's new Paid Sick Leave Law (AB1522). Beginning on July 1, 2015, all employees who work at least 30 days per year in California are eligible for 24 hours of paid sick leave annually (exceptions include folks in the airline industry and some unions).  


It is important that you communicate your Paid Sick Leave Plan to your employees prior to July 1st and we are here to help! CEA has created sick leave sample policies for you to include in your employee handbook. Go to our website, log in, and click on forms and fact sheets under the HR Answers tab. You will see our Paid Sick Leave samples under the Leave Law Forms.

Employers can choose any or all of the following three different options for their employees:

Option 1- Accrual Plan

Employees accrue sick leave from the commencement of employment at a rate of one (1) hour for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 48 hours.  Exempt employees' paid sick leave accrual will be based on a 40-hour workweek.

Option 2- Lump Sum Plan

Employees will be eligible for 24 hours of paid sick leave.  Thereafter, you will receive an additional 24 hours of paid leave each year.

Option 3- PTO Plan  

You may use your own employer paid time off policy as long as it mirrors or exceeds the accrual, carryover and use requirements in AB 1522, or provides employees with at least 24 hours of paid sick leave each year, regardless of the actual accrual rate.

Other Notable Facts:

  • Sick leave is to be paid at the employee's previous 90 days base rate of pay. 
  • Sick leave is not hours worked and is not counted in the calculation of overtime.
  • Employees may use sick leave for the diagnosis, care, treatment of, or preventative care for, the employee's own health condition or that of a qualifying family member. 
  • Qualifying family members include: an employee's child, parent, spouse, registered domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling. 
  • Employees may use paid sick leave if they are a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.
  • Paid sick leave has no cash value upon separation of employment or at any other time.


Article courtesy of California Employers Association -  








1. All outside WATER USE is prohibited every day between 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.

2. All outside WATER USE is prohibited on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

3. Water users with addresses on the EVEN numbered side of streets may water on SUNDAY ONLY.

4. Water users with addresses on the ODD numbered side of streets may water on SATURDAY ONLY.



To report a Pool Drain and/or for more information please contact City of Madera Water Conservation at (559) 661-5466

Every effort must be made to conserve water. We ask that you comply with the following rules and regulations so that Water Conservation officers will not have to enforce them at your address.

1. DO NOT:

  • Waste water in any way, indoors or outdoors.
  • Allow water to run down the street gutter or onto adjoining property, spray nozzle needed at all times.
  • Water lawns or wash cars with an open-end hose, spray nozzle needed at all times.
  • Hose off driveway, sidewalk or paved areas at residence or business.
  • Wash down street gutters.
  • Wash down buildings other than for painting or other maintenance.
  • Continually flow water for recreational purposes.

2. Avoid running sprinklers for long periods of time at each location. Watering in excess of fifteen minutes per setting MAY BE considered wasteful. This could result in issuance of a citation.

3. Equip all evaporative coolers with water-saving devices

4. Repair all leaks of any type or size within 5 days of citation

5. Car washing and or washing out trash carts, at residences permitted on watering days and times with restrictive spray nozzle needed at all times.

6. Water served to restaurant customers only upon request to promote conservation and public awareness of drought conditions



VIOLATION #1. $75.00 surcharge on next water bill.

VIOLATION #2. $200.00 surcharge on next water bill

VIOLATION #3. $500.00 surcharge on next water bill and installation of a water meter at customer's expense, and/or discontinuance of service.


Landscape irrigation consumes nearly half of the water used around most homes. Many people tend to water too often and leave the sprinklers on too long.





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