Summer Google Docs Exploration
Summer can be a great time to learn some new technology tools. Google Docs is a cross-platform, Internet-based application that supports collaborative learning and 21st Century Skills as students work together to create and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. The platform contains hundreds of built-in features that can increase productivity and flexibility in classrooms In this newsletter we share tips and tools for developing and improving your own knowledge and skills unique to Google Docs. You can also share this with students in summer programs or this fall so they can learn some new Google Doc features that support learning.
*Some features, such as Voice Typing, will only be available when Google Docs are opened through a Google Chrome browser.
Convert Uploads - Automatically converts uploaded files to Google Docs editor format. Open Google Drive > Settings > Convert Uploads 
to picture representation of Open Google Drive  to Settings to Convert Uploads


Translate Document - Creates a new, translated version of a document. Over 100 languages to choose from. Open a Google Doc > Tools > Translate Document 
Picture icon representation of Google Doc to tools to Translate Document


Choose Writing Language - Changes the default English input. Choose from 75 languages. Language specific keyboards needed for special characters and letters. Open a Google Doc > File > Language

Picture icon representation of Google Doc to File to Language


Add Math Symbols   - Creates a toolbar shortcut with Greek letters, common and complex operations symbols, relationship symbols, and arrows. Open a Google Doc > Insert  > Equation 

Picture icon representation of Google Doc to Insert to Equation


Voice Typing  - Speech-to-text typing with native language. Over 80 languages and dialects to choose from. Open a Google Doc > Tools > Voice Typing > Select Input Language 
Picture icon representation of Google Doc to Tools to Voice Typing to Select Input Language


Explore & Research  - Retrieves related information from the Web, Commons Wikimedia Images, and Google Drive for any selected words or phrases in a Google Doc. Open a Google Doc > Select a Word or Phrase > Right-Click Selected Area  > Select Explore

Picture icon representation of Google Doc to Right-Click Selected Word to Select Explore

Add Alt Text  - Adds an alternate text title and description to an image that can be used with assistive technology. Open a Google Doc > Select Image > Select Format > Select Alt Text 
Picture icon representation of Google Doc to Select Image to Select Format to Select Alt Text

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