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July 2017
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It's finally time to welcome summer--and let you know what we've been up to lately! We hope you'll take a look at our latest deals, rave reviews and new clients to see what we'll be working on for the upcoming months.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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New Deal Announcements 


Zoe Whittall North American rights to bestselling Giller Prize shortlisted author ZOE WHITTALL 's next two novels, THE SPECTACULAR and an UNTITLED NOVEL in two separate deals: US rights to Executive Editor Andra Miller at Ballantine and Canada English rights to VP, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Iris Tupholme at HarperCollins, both six figure deals (and at auction in Canada). THE SPECTACULAR, set in contemporary Los Angeles and Montreal, and Smyrna, Turkey in the 1920s, is the intergenerational story of a widowed grandmother and her 40-something rock musician granddaughter, both with secrets and on the precipice of major life changes as they negotiate who they wish they could be in a world that doesn't always give them that freedom. Tackling issues of maternal ambivalence and women's rights, Whittall once again takes on timely themes through the lens of an intimate family experience. Manuscript available fall 2018 for publication in 2019. Contact:
US rights to Harriet Alida Lye 's THE HONEY FARM sold on pre- empt to KatieAdams at Liveright for summer 2018. THE HONEY  FARM is a psychological  thriller: Beekeeper Cynthia offers budding artists room and board in exchange  for  help on the farm; when a romance begins between two of the workers, creepy,  inexplicable events, possibly orchestrated by the enigmatic woman in charge, start to unfold around them and they can no longer tell if  Cynthia is protector or  destroyer.  Contact:
For Film/TV contact: Kim Yau, Paradigm:

World rights to Fran Kimmel 's sophomore novel, THE BIRD HOUSE to ECW Press Senior Editor Jen Knoch for fall 2018. Following a troubled family who shelters an orphan over the holidays, the novel illuminates the surprising ways we heal one another and how love can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. Contact:

Canada English rights to Danuta Gleed Award-winner Paul Carlucci 's next two books, THE HIGH-RISE IN FORT FIERCE and GUILE , sold to Bethany Gibson at Goose Lane Editions. THE HIGH-RISE IN FORT FIERCE is a provocative linked collection about living in isolation and fear, and GUILE , is his debut novel loosely based on 18th century voyageur Alexis St. Martin. Contact:

North American rights to CBC Short Story Prize Winner Becky Blake's debut novel, SCRATCH, sold to Wolsak & Wynn's Buckrider Books for spring 2019, about a young thief and aspiring artist on the run from an assault charge in Toronto who attempts to start her life over on the streets of Barcelona, entering an underground world of pickpockets, squatters and graffiti artists. Contact:


Jeff Warren Congratulations to Transatlantic's Jeffrey Warren, who will co-author ABC TV anchor Dan Harris's next work, MEDITATION FOR FIDGETY SKEPTICS: A 10% HAPPIER HOW-TO BOOK.  Harris's previous book, 10% Happier was a #1 NYT bestseller and the launching point for his 10% Happier brand. In this follow-up, Harris sets out on a trek across America with Warren, a master meditation teacher (a "Meditation MacGyver"). With irony and insight the book confronts and dismantles all the reasons you're not meditating--and provides a range of meditation practices that meet you where you are in your life and offer you the chance to become 10% happier. MEDITATION FOR FIDGETY SKEPTICS  will publish in late 2017, from Spiegel and Grau. Contact:

Canada English rights to Anna Maxymiw 's THE LODGE to  McClelland & Stewart Publisher Jared Bland at auction for publication in spring 2019. For readers of Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill and Fire Season by Philip Connors, this extraordinary memoir offers a glimpse into the joy, fear, filth and ferocity of working at a remote fishing lodge in the boreal forest. An excerpt from the forthcoming memoir won Silver in the Humour category at the National Magazine Awards, where the piece was also nominated in the Personal Journalism category. Maxymiw's work has been published in The  Globe and Mail , Hazlitt , The Walrus , The Malahat Review and Maisonneuve . Contact:

World rights to WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE by Samra Habib sold to Penguin Canada to be published under the Viking imprint in spring 2019. A memoir of the transformative experiences that have shaped her identity as a queer Muslim. Contact:

Canada English rights to HOME ICE: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom
by  Angie Abdou sold at auction to ECW Press for fall 2018. It chronicles and  illuminates a full season in the life of a hockey parent, crafting a nuanced and unflinching self-portrait of a mother dedicated to supporting her son's passion for amateur hockey but struggling with ambivalence over our society's often troubling sport culture and its impact on her family. Contact:

Kristen den Hartog World English rights to Kristen den Hartog and Tracy Kasaboski 's new memoir, THE SWEETEST MUSIC , to Harbour Publishing. This is a true-to-life, working-class family sweeping saga that begins in the 1840s, following a young cow keeper and his wife who arrive in London, England from Wales with the wish of escaping poverty, but instead plunge further into it, and later following their descendants nearly 100 years later in the 1920s and 30s big band era in London, Ontario. Contact:

US rights to Jan Redford 's debut, END OF THE ROPE: A Mountain Me moir , toCounterpoint for publication in spring 2018 (Canadian rights previously sold to Random House Canada). In the tradition of Wild by Cheryl Strayed and set in the Rockies, Jan starts as a rash young climber who bounces from mountain to mountain and relationship to relationship; she loses the love of her life in a climbing accident, becomes pregnant with his friend's baby and struggles in a stormy marriage until finally breaking free to make her own way in life and graduate from UBC's creative writing MFA program. Contact:

Film Deals:

As announced in The Hollywood Reporter, the option of Emily Schultz's THE BLONDES by Branded Entertainment has moved to the next level. Schultz's bestselling novel will be developed by AMC for its new streaming service, Shudder--one of six original projects developed for the new venture, alongside a new series from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. For the full story, see: .
World rights for The Blondes are available ex: Canada - Doubleday Canada; US - Thomas Dunne Books/Picador; France - Editions Alto. Contact:

Drawn & Quarterly Deals

Italian rights to MOONCOP by Tom Gauld to Mondadori.

Italian rights to BAKING WITH KAFKA by Tom Gauld to Mondadori.

Awards and Citations 

GARY BARWIN has won the 2017 Leacock Medal for Humour for his debut adult novel, YIDDISH FOR PIRATES. The Leacock Medal is awarded annually for the best book of humour written by a Canadian writer in English. The award is a tribute to the well-known Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock (1869-1944) and is one of the oldest literary prizes in Canada. The medal is accompanied by a $15,000 prize, supported by the TD Bank Financial Group. Previous recipients include Robertson Davies, W.O. Mitchell, Farley Mowat, Mordecai Richler, Terry Fallis, Will Ferguson and Patrick deWitt. World rights are available for YIDDISH FOR PIRATES ex: Random House Canada (English Canada (incl. audio)); les Editions du Boréal (French); Audible (world audio ex. Canada). Contact:

Congratulations to Iain Reid on I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS being shortlisted for the Frank Hegyi Award for Emerging Writers and the 2016 Shirley Jackson Awards. Contact: 

Congratulations to Zoe Whittall on THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE being named a Hamilton Reads 2017   title.  Contact:

Congratulations to Leesa Dean on WAITING FOR THE CYCLONE being shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award. Contact: 

Rave Reviews

Praise for WE ALL LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS by Joanne Proulx (World Rights Ex: Canada English, Viking, August 2017; US, Grand Central Publishing, 2018). Contact :

"'Be good,' one character tells another early in We All Love the Beautiful Girls. No one in this devastating novel heeds this advice. Proulx has written a story that's as gorgeous as the winter stars overhead. You will all love this beautiful book."
- Neil Smith, author of Boo

"An emotional thrill-ride that manages to capture the tenderness and rage unique to adolescence and middle-age, the heartbreak of first love, and the fragility of even the most stable-seeming marriage."  -Zoe Whittall, bestselling author of  The Best Kind of People

Praise for Sarah Faber's ALL IS BEAUTY NOW (World Rights Ex: US, Little Brown, August 2017; Canada English, McClelland & Stewart, August 2017). Contact

"All Is Beauty Now is as redolent and lush as a garden in Rio. Sarah Farber performs a poetic conjuring act of loss, love, and redemption in this haunting novel." -Ann-Marie MacDonald, author of Adult Onset and  Fall on Your Knees

"This novel felt alive in my hands as I read it; the writing thrilled me, the setting transported me and the characters broke my heart. In All is Beauty Now, Sarah Faber has achieved the rare feat of mixing both gorgeously poetic prose with a plot so absorbing I could hardly look away from its pages. Faber is an important new voice in fiction, and All is Beauty Now is a masterful and stunning debut."  -Amy Stuart, author of  Still Mine

"For the reader, beauty illuminates every page, the loveliness of Faber's prose bringing light to even the darkest turns and twists of the Maurer's story, like stars across the night sky. A magnificent, compassionate, and beguiling novel from a great new talent."  -Rebecca Silver Slayter, author of  In the Land of Birdfishes

"At once an intimate family portrait, a mystery, a romance, and a stylistic tour de force."  -Johanna Skibsrud, author of The Sentimentalists winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize

"Part mystery, part family drama,  All Is Beauty Now is a vivid and gripping debut about the pain of living with those among us who burn more brightly and delve deep into the dark. Moving deftly from character to character, Sarah Faber unravels a veritable Gordian knot of family ties, revealing what it takes to stay by a loved one who lives life in extremis -as well as what it takes to cut free."  -Alissa York, author of
The Naturalist

Advance praise for Marissa Stapley's THINGS TO DO WHEN IT'S RAINING (World Rights Ex: Canada, Simon & Schuster; US, Graydon House, February 2018; Germany, Rowohlt, spring 2018). Contact

" Things to Do When It's Raining has heart and soul and guts, and it has achingly beautiful prose and characters so dear and real I couldn't bear to say goodbye when I reached its final page. It's a book about friendship and secrets, grief and regret, the peculiar shape of families and the redemptive nature of love. And it is, quite frankly, one of the best books I have read in a very long time."
- Jennifer Robson, bestselling author of  Moonlight Over Paris

"Written with compassion and insight, Things to Do When It's Raining is a truly captivating novel with exquisite prose and moments of bittersweet tenderness."
- Nicola Moriarty, author of The Fifth Letter

"Fans of Nicholas Sparks will adore Things To Do When It's Raining , an irresistible tribute to first love, second chances and the powerful legacy of the past. Elegant and heartfelt, Marissa Stapley's writing is a gift." -Pam Jenoff, NYT-bestselling author of
The Orphan's Tale
"There is something so intimate and true in the sentence, 'Every marriage harbors secrets, secrets about why it works or why it doesn't work, secrets between two people that the rest of the world can never be privy to.' Profound and intimate, raw and real -- Things to Do When It's Raining  is hard to put down. Loved the ending but hated to have it end!" -Nan Rossiter, NYT-bestselling author of  Firefly Summer

"A tightly woven story that beautifully illustrates how tragedy and human weakness can cause heartbreaking ripples for years and generations to come." -K.A. Tucker, USA Today- bestselling author of He Will Be My Ruin

"Evocative, wise and infused with heart. A deeply moving story about family, love and loss, the novel shows how secrets can either haunt us or set us free, depending on who we trust them with. One of my favorite books this year!"  -Karma Brown, bestselling author of Come Away with Me

"Spellbinding... I fell in love with Mae Summers from the first page and I followed her, heart between my teeth, as she uncovered family secrets and reconsidered her place in the world. Full of engaging characters, sensitivity and insight, Marissa Stapley's newest novel is a beautiful, emotionally acute saga that makes us all reconsider the meaning of love and family." -Danila Botha, author of Too Much on the Inside

"A generous book about imperfect people, a novel about the family we choose, the mistakes we make, and how love, flawed and searching and messy, is the only path to forgiveness. It's also a gorgeously written page-turner, and when I finished it, I flipped right back to page one to savor it just a little bit more." -Lauren Fox, author of Days of Awe

" Things to Do When It's Raining is a haunting, gripping novel about family secrets and love lost and found. It's a story that will resonate with anyone who has returned home to find that places have as much power as people to wound, and heal."
-Elizabeth Renzetti, author of Based on a True Story

Praise for Karen Smythe's THIS SIDE OF SAD (World Rights Ex: Canada English, Goose Lane Editions, Fall 2017). Contact

"In this wry and visceral debut novel, Karen Smythe has found new and intriguing ways to tell a powerful story of longing, love, and what it means to be brave. Her characters show us how we are all repeatedly reconstituted by love and how, for better or worse, we must accept what we thought we couldn't and find a way to live with the different versions of ourselves as we navigate our own lives."
-Diane Schoemperlen, author of This Is Not My Life

" This Side of Sad  is as intimate as a best friend's confession, as well-wrought as a fine clay vessel, as consoling as only a fine blues tune can be." -Antanas Sileika, author of  The Barefoot Bingo Caller

"Sensitive and authentic, This Sad of Sad  brims with introspection, wry humour and Karen Smythe's signature literary grace. The story will remain rooted in your heart and mind." -Danila Botha, author of  For All the Men (and Some of the Women) I've Known

"A courageous and elegiac debut novel and one of the most searing explorations of love and grief you will ever read. This is writing that probes as deeply as fiction can the conflicting emotions that ensue upon devastating loss. This Side of Sad is a dramatically vivid work of fiction." -Ian Colford, author of Perfect World

Praise for Cary Fagan's THE OLD WORLD (World Rights: House of Anansi, Spring 2017). Contact

"Cary Fagan's latest collection, 35 short stories each based on a found black-and-white photo, is a study in storytelling about the past."  - The Globe & Mail

Praise for DIRTY WINDSHIELDS by Grant Lawrence (World Rights Ex: North America English, Douglas & MacIntyre, Spring 2017). Contact

"A quick and lively read, based on the diaries [Lawrence] kept (and occasionally published online) while touring w ith the Smugglers... in the 1990s." - The Globe & Mail

Praise for Lori McNulty's LIFE ON MARS (World Rights Ex: English Canada, Goose Lane Editions, Spring 2017). Contact :

"McNulty's subject matter is typically grounded in a gritty lower- and working-class reality, but the Martian subtext is never far away, sometimes appearing as a gentle tug and other times warping reality in surreal ways." - Quill & Quire

Praise for Stacey May Fowles' BASEBALL LIFE ADVICE (World Rights Ex: North America, McClelland & Stewart, April 2017). Contact

"Taken together, these essays call for a higher level of sports culture-one that's more welcoming, empathetic, and joyous." -Quill & Quire

"Fowles' exhilarating depictions of baseball and its players are highly entertaining; however, it is the candid and warm essays about how the sport contributes to her wellness that make this collection unique. These essays, including the previously mentioned 'The Year in Coming Close' and 'Baseball Anxiety Is Good For You,' provide the critical perspective of a female fan - a voice not often elevated in sports culture - on topics that are rarely, if ever, discussed in sports media." -Hamilton Review of Books

Praise for Rebecca Rosenblum's SO MUCH LOVE (World Rights Ex: Canada English, McClelland & Stewart, spring 2017; Poland, Prószyński). Contact

"Rosenblum paints vividly." -The National Post

" So Much Love  is a thrilling literary fiction that is captivating and well-written. The strong-willed main character and Canadian setting make this novel intriguing and interesting. The theme is one that is not easy to read, but the wonderful story telling makes this book a must-read."   -The Candid Cover

"Her debut novel,  So Much Love, approaches its subject and tells its characters' stories with so much heart and sharp efficiency that you can sit down with it for a day and feel a shift in the  way you look at life. You will not want to put it down..."   -The Globe and Mail

Advance praise for Linden MacIntyre's THE ONLY CAFÉ (World Rights Ex: Canada and US English, Random House, Aug 8, 2017). Contact

"The Only Café  was immortalized in the 90s by rock band Lowest of the Low as a place to drink until your kidneys fail, but in Linden MacIntyre's new novel, the scrappy Danforth pub is connected to an international mystery with roots in the Lebanese civil war. The Giller Prize-winner's fifth novel follows a young journalist who discovers clues about his late father's disappearance at the Only, propelling him on a personal investigation into the circumstances behind his dad's life and death." - NOW Magazine's  10 Must-Read Canadian Books for Summer

Advance praise for Kathleen Ernst's MINING FOR JUSTICE (World Rights Ex: North America English, Midnight Ink, October, 2018). Contact

"Richly imagined and compelling,  Mining for Justice  once again highlights Kathleen Ernst's prowess as a storyteller, with its nuanced characters and intersecting mysteries... Ernst is a master of reconstructing the past, providing vivid and authentic details about the lives of early Cornish immigrants in Wisconsin, while showing how the secrets of those long-buried people still matter in the present day." - Susanna Calkins, author of the Macavity-winning Lucy Campion Mysteries
New Clients
Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen

Growing up Canadian in a mixed Japanese-German household, Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen is perfectly poised to translate authentic Japanese home cooking for an English-speaking audience. While living in Japan she did just that: Her monthly column "Forking with Hana" helped fellow ex-pats navigate the grocery aisles and keep themselves well fed. Since returning to Canada, Hana continued to share her love of Japanese food by writing a recipe column for OopsS magazine and by teaching Japanese home cooking at the University of British Columbia. Hana has launched herself into the cookbook world with a bang. Her self-published book, LET'S COOKING, celebrated a 205% successful crowdfunding campaign, raising more than $14,000 for printing and production. Gusto TV hired her to host "One World Kitchen," a cooking show celebrating the diversity of Canadian cuisine. She has spoken at a number of lectures, sharing her love and knowledge of Japanese food, and continues to develop recipes and do more research on Japanese food, recipes and food history.

Represented by Jesse Finkelstein,

Angie Abdou

Angie Abdou has published four books, including three novels: THE BONE CAGE (a CBC Canada Reads finalist in 2011), THE CANTERBURY TRAIL (a Banff Mountain Book finalist in 2011) and BETWEEN (Arsenal Press, 2014). The latter has been reviewed favourably in The Globe and Mail, National Post, Winnipeg Review, Quill & Quire and the Vancouver Sun. In the United States, New York's Library Journal listed Between as a Top 13 Indie Pick for spring 2015. For The Bone Cage, Angie won the 2012 MacEwan Book of the Year, and in doing so joined a prestigious group of authors, including Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel. Between was named a "Best of 2014" book by PRISM Magazine, 49th Shelf and the Vancouver Sun. Angie is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Athabasca University. Her nonfiction has appeared in various magazines and newspapers, including National Post and Elle magazine.

Represented by Jesse Finkelstein,, and Samantha Haywood,

Ester Zirkind

An alumna of the Humber School for Writers, Ester has been mentored by David Adams Richards and her writing has been workshopped by Wayson Choy and David Besmozgis. She is writing a memoir that invites the reader to look close-up at a Jewish community known for its enigmatic mysticism, the world of Chabad Chassidim. Her story invokes the painful questions of life as she struggles through a four year battle with cancer in her mid-twenties. However, the climax of the narrative - the completely unexpected death of her son from a simple childhood disease - places the cancer under the category of ordinary sorrows and tests her faith in ways she could never have imagined. David Adams Richards calls her book "wonderful" and "the kind of work a publisher should be honored to publish." When she is not writing, Ester is a Judaic studies teacher, a Rabbi's wife, a mother and a grandmother. In her spare time, she writes and directs plays.

Represented by Jesse Finkelstein,

Samra Habib

Samra Habib is a journalist and a visual activist. Her groundbreaking photo documentary series Just me and Allah: Photographs of Queer Muslims has exhibited around the world and has garnered praise from The Guardian , Vanity Fair Italia , i-D , BBC , NPR , Washington Post , The Advocate , PBS Newshour and many other international media outlets. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times , The Guardian , Vice , The Advocate , The Globe and Mail , Public Radio International and Fashion magazine. She has been invited to speak about Islam, gender and sexuality by Columbia University, Harvard, Wellesley College, University of North Carolina and the World Social Forum. She continues to work with various LGBTQI organizations internationally to raise awareness about issues that impact queer Muslims in different parts of the world. Samra was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved to Canada with her family as a refugee.

Represented by Samantha Haywood,

Becky Blake

Becky Blake is a past winner of the CBC Short Story Prize. Her short fiction and articles have appeared in publications across Canada, including This Magazine, subTerrain, Taddle Creek, Room, enRoute, The Coast and NOW Magazine. Her debut novel about thieves, squatters and graffiti artists in Barcelona is forthcomingin spring 2019. Becky holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Guelph. She currently lives in Toronto where she is working on a short story collection and a second novel. More information can be found at:

Represented by Stephanie Sinclair,

Reema Patel

Reema Patel has a B.A. in political science and international development studies from McGill University, and a J.D. from the University of Windsor. Her first novel idea came after working in Mumbai's social justice sector, first as an intern in a street child-focused NGO, and again after her first year of law school in a human rights law office. The second chapter of this novel won the 2013 Penguin Random House Student Award for Fiction at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. Reema has since worked with Diaspora Dialogues and the novel will be ready for submission this fall.

Represented by Stephanie Sinclair,

Ian Colford

Ian Colford is an award-winning writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since 1990 his stories, reviews and commentary have appeared in literary publications in print and online. His short story, "The Reason for the Dream," appeared in the Journey Prize Anthology and was one of three finalists for the prize. He has completed residencies at the Hawthornden Castle International Retreat for Writers (1998, 2010) and Yaddo (2008). EVIDENCE, a collection of linked stories, was published in 2008 by Porcupine's Quill, and won the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award; Evidence was also shortlisted for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award, the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize and the ReLit Award. A novel, THE CRIMES OF HECTOR TOM ÁS, was published in 2012 by Freehand Books and won Trade Book of the Year at the 2013 Alberta Book Awards. PERFECT WORLD, a novella, was published by Freehand in 2016. More information can be found at

Represented by Stephanie Sinclair,

Joshna Maharaj

Joshna Maharaj is a busy chef with big ideas about good food! Joshna's strong social justice and sustainability ethics are rooted in her time at The Stop, a community food centre where she built innovative and delicious community food programs. Recently, Joshna has been working with institutions in Toronto building new models for large-scale food procurement, production and service, proving that the institution is a viable tool for social change. Joshna is currently an expert panelist on TVO's " The Agenda" with Steve Paikin and makes regular appearances on CBC radio. She is also a two-time TEDx speaker and recently made the shortlist of nominees for the inaugural Basque Culinary World Prize, recognizing chefs who use gastronomy to make social change. Joshna has just joined the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto as their new Executive Chef.

Represented by Jesse Finkelstein,

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