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Summer 2017 Newsletter
Summer 2017 Updates from Panama City Beach!
Items Included In This Newsletter:

  • Calypso LAST MINUTE SPECIALS - How about 25% off?

  • Snowbird Opening for Calypso 2207 East

  • Beach Renourishment is Complete

  • Turtle Nesting Season has begun!

  • 2017 Season Schedule Highlights

  • Blog Updates


  • Private Reserved Parking Available

  • Guest Photos Wanted
Calypso Last Minute Specials!
How about 25% off?
We have a number of last minute openings in our calendar.  In order to fill our calendar for this last minute stays, we're offering them as specials with at least 25% off the base rate!  Check your calendar to see if a short getaway would work for YOU!  Click on the photo for a virtual tour, and then give Jenny a call to book for the special pricing!  These rates are NOT available with online booking!

Calypso 805 East1 BR / 1.5 BA

  • May 27-30, 2017 is available for $900 total* 

  • June 7-10, 2017 for $930 total*

Calypso 605 East, 3 BR / 2 BA

  • Jun 6th through Jun 10th, 2017 - 4 nights for $1,175 total*

Calypso 2207 East, 1 BR / 2 BA

  • May 28th through Jun 2nd - any 3 nights for $930 total*
  • June 5th through 10th - 5 nights for $1,230 total*

Calypso 1007 East, 1 BR / 2 BA

  • May 29th through Jun 4th - any 3 nights for $930 total*
  • Additional nights $150 each.

Calypso 806 East, 3 BR / 2 BA

  • May 28th through Jun 3rd - 6 nights for $2,000 total*

Calypso 402 East, 3 BR / 2 BA

  • Jun 5th through Jun 10th - 6 nights for $2,000 total*
  Total* - That includes all cleaning, fees, and taxes.  There is also a $300 security deposit required, but that is refundable after your stay, and not included in the advertised Total*.
SnowBird Availability!
A recent cancellation just made this 1BR / 2BA condo available for this winter from Jan 31 through Mar 24 at winter rates!  If you're thinking of a winter is your chance to book!  Call Jenny for details at (614) 439-7691 or go to our website using the link below.

We also have openings for the month of January in several other units!  Call for details!
Beach Renourishment is Complete!

Panama City Beach just completed a $17.8 million dollar Beach Restoration Project that began in early April.  This project was funded by our county bed tax as well as several grants.

Four areas were restored:
  • County pier on Front Beach Road, also known as the M.B. Miller Pier and the "wooden pier" .
  • City pier in Panama City Beach (across from Pier Park, and next to Calypso Resort).
  • Treasure Island 
  • Pinnacle Port 

Each area was cleaned up first by active dredging, and then sand was added.  The video below shows the process at work.

"The benefits of the project are primarily shore protection, an additional buffer between structures and upland infrastructure from storm action out in the Gulf of Mexico, that is the primary reason to do these projects... However, obviously, there are recreational benefits from the project, there's additional sand, there's additional beach width for tourism, for the locals to enjoy" said Tourist Development Council Management Consultant, Lisa Armbruster.

Projects were just in time for the turtle nesting season too, which is now underway!

Turtle Nesting Season Has Begun!
Photo Credit: Hannah Trowbridge
Turtles begin laying their eggs on the beach around the first of May.  The first 2017 nest was found on May 18th this year, and more are beginning to appear!  Our Premium Beach Condos Blog is a great way to learn more about our nesting season, and watch a video where the eggs hatch and the baby turtles run for the gulf!  Check it out:
You can also follow up to date nesting information at Panama City Beach Turtle Watch: 
2017 Season Schedule Highlights
2017 Important Events!
We've already starting booking vacations for 2017!  Here are some important key events during our prime season that you may want to schedule to attend!
Blog Updates
We post to our blog throughout the year to give you up-to-date information on local events, great restaurants, and things to do when visiting Panama City Beach.  If there's ever something specific you'd like to see highlighted in our blog posts, please let us know!
Dining With A View: Crab Cakes
(Recipe Included!)
Add Extra Beach Chairs and SAVE $$$
Back by popular demand!  This year we have at least ONE EXTRA set of Beach Chairs with Service available for additional purchase.  If you purchase extra chairs at the beach, those chairs can cost $40/day or $280/week.  One set of chairs is already included with your rental, but if you would like upgrade your reservation to Premium Chair Status, we can add ADDITIONAL chairs to your rental for a discounted price of $125/week plus tax.  Let me know if you are interested and I will add it your stay.  This is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. (Note - if your stay is more or less than 7 days, the price may vary.  Contact me directly for an exact quote for your stay.)

Private Reserved Parking Available

   Don't forget to upgrade to Premium Parking Status with Private Reserved Parking!

   We have two  Private Reserved Parking Spaces in the basement of the East Tower right near the East elevator.  Our primary space is an extra wide space so lots of room for loading and unloading as well as easy parking.  The second space we share with another owner, and it's a regular sized space, but still near the elevator. Because there are only about 30 spaces in the basement, and many of those are owned and used by residents, this means you can avoid most of the crowds with carts and cars, especially at arrival and departure.   

   This space is available exclusively for our Premium Beach Condos guests to rent for an additional fee.  Because we have limited spaces, we offer it on a first-come first-served basis.  

   If you'd like to add this, just give me a call or let me know when you make your reservation.  
MORE Guest Photos Wanted!
Be sure to send Premium Beach Condos your favorite photos from your trip to Panama City Beach!  We love to post them on our Social Media pages and soon they will all appear in our Guest Photo Gallery!  Names can be omitted if you wish, but share the fun with others!   
Photo Credit: Dana O.
Photo Credit:  Cuculovski Family.
Photo Credit: Debbie G.
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