2017 Summer Workshops, Courses and Training Programs

Dear early childhood colleagues,

Now that spring has come and thoughts are turning to summer, we want to let you know about the many wonderful opportunities for training and professional development offered by our WECAN Member Teacher Education Institutes. 

Scroll down to have a look at the wide variety of workshops, week-long intensives, and teacher education programs available to Waldorf early childhood educators this summer. 

Alkion Center for Adult Education 
(Ghent, NY)
Alkion Center for Adult Education is offering three weeks of courses with opportunities
 for personal renewal, professional development, and development of artistic capacities.

June 18 - 23: Voice and Lyre Music, and Festivals for Young Children
June 25 - 30: Introduction to Early Childhood with Felting Crafts
plus courses in eurythmy, veil painting, sculpture and more. 

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training 
(San Rafael, CA)
The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training is offering courses for professional development and for parents .

The Early Childhood Teacher Education Center at Sophia's Hearth 
(Keene, NH)
Three weeks of teacher education courses - 
Nourishing Young Children, Gardening with Children, Celebrating Festivals 
with Young Children and more. 
New Level I Cycle begins July 2 and New Level II Cycle begins June 26th. 

Great Lakes Waldorf Institute 
(Milwaukee, WI)
 Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI) will be offering these courses this summer:
Introduction to Waldorf Education and Child Development
Fundamentals of the Waldorf Kindergarten
Art in the Waldorf School: Intro to Mediums
Take one, two or three of these courses and enjoy a Waldorf summer camp for adults!

Rudolf Steiner Centre 
(Toronto, Canada)
The Rudolf Steiner Centre of Toronto's Summer Festival of Arts and Education includes an extensive array of courses centered around the theme " Dialogue with the Divine".  
And a  new cycle begins  this summer for the part-time Early Childhood Education program.

Rudolf Steiner College 
(Fair Oaks, CA)
Summer 2017 Early Childhood workshops:
June 19-23 : Art of Teaching for Kindergarten
June 24-25 : Little Ones & Therapeutic Movement for the Teacher
June 26-28 : Art of Teaching for Pre-Kindergarten 
July 28-30: Early Childhood Outdoor Education and Woodworking

Sound Circle Center for the Arts and Anthroposophy
(Seattle, WA)
Summer courses to rekindle the flame in arts, anthroposophy, and teaching:
June 26 - 30: Healing Tools of Waldorf Education with Dr. Michaela Gloeckler
July 3 - 7: Social Art of the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher with Holly Koteen-Soule

Sunbridge Institute
(Chestnut Ridge, NY)
Sunbridge Institute offers many professional development and general interest 
Summer Series courses and workshops  and is enrolling a new summer 2017 cohort 

Waldorf Institute of Southern California
(Los Angeles , CA)
"The Art of Circle in Early Childhood," amongst other courses at the 
Los Angeles  location,  is planned for July 3-7. 

Waldorf Institute of Southern California
(San Diego, CA)
Developing a Therapeutic Eye: An early childhood intensive with Laurie Clark,
 June 26 - 30,  plus other summer courses and workshops

Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan
(Ann Arbor, MI)
WISM (Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan) will offer two intensive weeks 
of Foundation courses in August. Students will quickly learn to play recorder, receive a 
"guided tour" through Steiner's basic books, transform a lump of clay into enchanting 
sculptures,   practice Eurythmy, and much more.  Connie Manson will be a guest instructor, bringing her magical approach to music for young children!

West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy 
(Courses held on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)
The West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy also has a new cycle  starting this summer for  their two-year part time Waldorf  Early Childhood Educator Training .    

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