83 people attended in person for the June 2018 session, our biggest Summer Group to date!

55 young adults and 28 young adult leaders and encouragers were part of the in person event!

7 Live stream groups formed to be part of the day and share in the worship and main session.

The Live Stream allowed groups from Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan, North Dakota and Virginia to be part of this.

Local churches from around the country now have access to a young adult ministry startup that is free of cost and led by a group of people pursuing excellence in encouraging the faith life of young men and women!

The community group time was the most impactful and important for our young men and women. To know that they are not alone in wrestling through matters of faith.

The big take away is that the Gospel is like a diamond the way that it throws light. The Good News of God's grace has a purpose to be worked into every facet of our life, for our Good and his Glory. Watch the Talk, Be Inspired!