Summer Highlights
Seashore stocks a great selection of unique offerings--
these are our favorites for summer. 

0594 - Grape Tomato Trio, 10#
This festive pack includes three beautiful, flavorful grape tomatoes. This threesome is guaranteed to brighten your table and taste buds.

5206 - Buzz Buttons, 50ct
Everyone will be buzzing about these-- Buzz Buttons™ are the hottest cocktail garnish right now. They make drinks exciting and different with their surprising affect!
0574 - Green Tomatoes, 25#
Fried Green Tomatoes left the South. Now you can find them served in a mozzarella town and even in your burger.

0215 - Trimmed Bi-Color Corn, 48ct
This corn is already trimmed. All you have to do is soak it in a sugar and salt brine, then grill in the husk.


1780 - Swizzle Sticks
Sugar cane swizzle sticks are perfect for mojitos in the sun.
#1482 - Shredded Nappa, 2/5#
Not just for stir-fries or Asian cuisine-- cabbages are a healthy addition to all kinds of salads. A hearty cabbage or kale also holds up better than lettuce in the summer heat.

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