~"the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice"~
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why the Summer Work Skills Program?

Studies show that the summer months can be a critical time to build on the foundation of the previous school year -- and prepare for the year ahead. From summer reading to trips to the museum, there are tons of ways to inspire your child. 

In the Summer Work Skills Program (SWSP), youth are preparing for the future. 
Programs are 2 hours a day, five days a week~ 
June 27 - August 26

Youth sharpen their skills and gain valuable knowledge

Math Immersion, Science, Literacy and Writing, ACT Prep, College 
 Improve reading, writing and math levels
✓ Develop practical methods for progress
 Two hours of daily practice to improve skills
 Energize students with the desire for continued success
Empower students to their education
Our proven programs help youth gain skills  essential to their future

100% of youth hired at DTMAC graduate high school
✓ 100% of youth become on credit level for their grade level
✓ Paying youth encourages the focus on academic, learning new skills, and financial literacy
✓ 126 Washtenaw County Youth have become knowledgeable about consent, and protecting themselves from STD/STIs, including HIV and AIDS, through Prevent and Prevail
The Summer Work Skills Program benefits Ypsilanti
    Investment in the future 
 ✓ Create change to make a better life and future 
 ✓ Intergenerational interactions with the community 
  Students are directly involved in making a positive change
To apply, email Gail at gail@dedicatedtomakeachange.com