Greg Vigil, Board Chairman
We continue to move forward on the construction of a field and additional playground space on the land adjacent to the school. Thank you for your inquiries about the type of turf field and especially the fill material. The committee plans to make some important and final decisions in the next few days to address concerns about crumb rubber infill and is in the process of completing a comparison of alternative infill products. Ultimately, we want more space for the students to play along with more variety for them to enjoy all the while in a safe environment. Please prayerfully consider contributing to this capital project!

Estimated cost is $350,000.
An amazing $241,280 has already been donated!!
Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!

We hope to begin construction in early August, if the remaining amount can be raised
in the next few weeks.

Robi Marshall, Principal
What do fresh Colorado air, vigorous games and children laughing all have in common? Growing, developing minds!  According to John Medina,  a developmental  molecular biologist  and research author of Brain Rules, the number one  contributor to cognitive development is exercise; it functions like Miracle Gro to our brains. E xercise improves cognition.  
So why is Arma Dei Academy motivated to install another playground and turf field on the newly acquired 6.5 acres?  To provide additional space for children to run, play, foster brain growth and observe God's wondrous creation.  Contribute now to springboard this project into action this month.
Today is the last day to order Logo Wear before school begins
Online purchasing of logo wear is available until 4:00pm today, July 6.
4th - 8th Grade are required to have a logoed shirt and black shorts (Dennis)
for PE.

Please contact Melissa Wojcik
Details and more dates are posted on Arma Dei Academy's private facebook group.

Thurs, July 7th - 10:30am - Swimming at Westridge 
* Location: Recreation Center at Westrdige 
9650 Foothills Canyon Blvd, Highlands Ranch CO 80129 

Mon, July 18th - 12pm - Picnic, bring picnic lunch
* Location: Redstone Park
3280 Redstone Park Circle, Littleton CO, 80129

Tues, Aug 9th - 10:30am - Swimming at Westridge
* Location: Recreation Center at Westrdige
9650 Foothills Canyon Blvd, Highlands Ranch CO 80129

Wed, Aug 17th - 12pm - Picnic at Civic Green Park
* Location: Civic Green Park
9370 Ridgeline Blvd., Littleton CO, 80129

Students entering grades K-2 must read and record a minimum of four books from  The Classical Reader. 

The Classical Reader may be purchased it here or  free online search is also available.

Students entering grades 3-8 must complete two book reports over the summer.  The first book report must be from the list below.  The second book report is a book of choice from The Classical Reader (upper grammar level or above).

Entering 3rd: The Cricket in Times Square (Seldon) + 1 book from the Classical Reader
Entering 4th: Door in the Wall (de Angeli) + 1 book from the Classical Reader
Entering 5th: Twenty-One Balloons (du Bois) + 1 book from the Classical Reader
Entering 6th: Little Britches (Moody) + 1 book from the Classical Reader
Entering 7th: Mara, Daughter of the Nile (McGraw) + 1 book from the Classical Reader
Entering 8th: Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations (Harris) + 1 book from the Classical Reader

B ook reports and tally sheets are due the first day of school, August 22, 2016.

All students reading 5 or more grade level books will be treated to an ice cream social during the first week of school. (Students do not need to complete a book report for 5, only keep record of the reading). A reading log signed by a parent is required to qualify for the social.

Studies have found that students lose 2 to 3 months of math abilities each summer. Working on math over the summer, even 15 minutes a day, will help prepare your child for this school year.  

5th-8th graders should complete 705 minutes.
1st-4th should complete 470 minutes.

When your child completes this challenge, they will be treated to a Krispy Kreme party. 

Click here for more details.
Arma Dei Academy offers the EduKit program as a convenient option for busy families to order school supply kits for the 2016/2017 year. EduKits are custom made for our school and contain what students need to start the year off right.

Extended online ordering is available through EduKit's Last Chance program from June 2 - August 4. Last Chance orders are subject to an additional fee and will be delivered to your home address on, or a few days before 8/17/2016. Home delivery fee is included. A confirmation will be emailed to you after your order has been placed. 

The deadline for placing Last Chance orders is 8/4/2016.


Dr. Aaron Denlinger - Latin Teacher

Kendra Owsley - full time 4th Grade Teacher

Naomi Toews - Versatile Teacher

Rachel Senia - part time 4th Grade Teacher

Summer is a great time to meet with us to figure out the best place to get connected.
Click below to complete the volunteer profile and we will contact you.
Many volunteer, spiritual, and fellowship opportunities are available!


August 18 - Back to School Night 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
August 19 - Meet Your Teacher Open House 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
August 22 - First Day of School
October 12 -14 - Fall Break
October 21 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (no school)

Nine participants from Arma Dei Academy attended the ACCS conference last week in Atlanta. These included new faculty, staff and board members.  The conference, attended by over 1,200 educators was both informative and inspirational.  
Greg Vigil, Board Chairman
I have attended this conference for five consecutive years and always come away refreshed and encouraged to learn from those who have gone before us who are willing to share lessons learned along the way. This year, I was especially challenged by a speaker on the Value Proposition of private education. It is my hope to invigorate our staff and board culture with a deeper passion and understanding that increases the value of an education at Arma Dei Academy for our students and parents.

Eric Walters, Board Member
As a board member I was impressed with the critical importance of communication to our school. Good communication is absolutely essential in so many ways. Regular conversations between faculty/parents, clear articulation of the school's strategic plan, and teacher collaboration  are all very important to as we follow the Lord and seek to educate his children.

Robi Marshall, Principal
The ACCS conference was an exceptional experience. Surrounded by educators of all ages, each was  reminded that it takes 1600 hours to form a habit within our lives-and the habits of loving what is true, beautiful and therefore good must be established and strengthened continually in our own lives. As they are, we reflect God, the original, and we become the derivative, a reflection. We have great opportunity to reflect him to others. Thus all teaching should be about what we love, rather than what is despised or hated. Ours is the privilege of introducing others to the ancient rich banquet God has prepared and delights to serve. And this echoes John Milton's wise words, "the end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, and to be like him.

Dina Ogg, Admissions
The ACCS conference was a great opportunity for me in my role as Director of Admissions at Arma Dei. Not only did I get to experience classroom education, I was impressed by the workshops I attended that will help further advance the school not only in sustainability and enrollment but also in working with and connecting parents. I acquired much information from experienced professionals and experts in the field of classical Christian education that were directly applicable to our school I am excited to develop a plan and take action to implement some of the ideas I learned.
Katheryn Pranno, Communications
The practical training, discussion of advanced topics, opportunities for networking, and a Christ-centered, worshipful environment is something I look forward to at each ACCS Conference.  I was especially impressed by the encouragement toward humility as teachers, administrators and leaders in our respective schools.  "If we don't care about our egos," one speaker remarked, "God can do marvelous things in and through us!"  Each of our positions at Arma Dei Academy and in the larger Body of Christ is a calling to bring glory to God as a minister of the Gospel.  Plenary speaker Douglas Wilson reminded us that as role models, what our teachers and parents look like now are who are students are destined to become.  I am so motivated to partner with our parents to make humility, unity, and Christlikeness priorities as we strive to leave a godly legacy with our students.

Rachel Senia, 4th grade teacher
This ACCS Annual Conference entitled "Repairing the Ruins" succeeded in pointing out parts of the education process and motivation that has been lost or distorted in our modern society. I especially appreciated Douglas Wilson's reminder of what the "Face of a True Teacher" looks like. He said, "The face of a true teacher faces Jesus Christ, and reflects Him. The face of a true teacher is the face of a Christian." We are images of the one, true God, and we must be content to express Him not ourselves. As we keep our eyes and hearts on Christ, we will reflect Him as a mirror. Students will see Him in the subjects that we teach and begin to think biblically so they may glorify and reflect Him also.

Brittany Sommer, Kdg Enrichment
During my time at ACCS there were quite a few conference sessions I really enjoyed. Matt Whitling lead a session called "The Sins of the Classroom". He talked about how children need to be know your expectations, be trained, and need to practice over and over again. Matt is a great speaker and is very inspirational. I look forward to learning more from him in the future.

Naomi Toews, Versatile Teacher
N. D. Wilson stated "Rhetoric is not about you [the speaker] being liked or not liked. It's about the delivery of a package." This leads me to stop and ponder how precious the package is that we who trust Christ have been entrusted to deliver. Having been reconciled in Christ to God, we are now entrusted to carry this message of reconciliation to the world. My desire is to be so fixed on God and responsive to His Spirit that concern for the image people have of me never stands in the way of faithfully delivering this precious message. 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM