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July 30, 2012
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Celebrating 70th Anniversary
QBridge Program Grows
Principal Woolf Shadows Our Student
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Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary 

It is our pleasure to announce that this year Queen's School of English is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. Our instructors, administrative staff and students are looking forward to celebrating our growth and success together.


Founded in 1942, our language school has welcomed thousands of domestic and international students from all over the world to learn English as a Second Language.  


What originally began as the Summer School of English has now become one of the longest standing English language schools in Canada. We now offer a variety of English language programs, including academic studies, business internships, cultural programs and tailored options.  


70th Anniversary BBQOur 70th Anniversary Celebrations began with a Barbeque event on June 29, 2012, where all our current administrators, instructors and students joined together for a delicious summer barbeque, group photo and a cake cutting ceremony.


To continue with our celebrations, we will be hosting an Open House on October 4, 2012, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Our Open House will showcase the school's history, programs and the involvement of the School of English locally and internationally. More details about the events will be sent closer to the date.


If you would like to contribute to our celebrations by either volunteering or sharing your stories and photos with us, please email us at qsoe70@queensu.ca.


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QBridge Program Grows

Our QBridge program was introduced in the summer of 2010 as a university preparation program for international students who have received a conditional offer of acceptance to an undergraduate program at Queen's University. QBridge is designed to provide students with academic English language training prior to studies at Queen's.


We are very pleased to announce that the program continues to gain success and we've been welcoming more and more students each year. Read what one of our past QBridge students had to say about his experience:


"As a student who has taken the QBridge program, I would tell future students that the QBridge program is helpful for both their English skills and academic vision. In QBridge, students practice grammar usage and reading strategy, improve communication and writing level, and have an insight on Canadian literature and culture.


I regard the QBridge program as a guide that points students in the right direction to make the transition from high school students to undergraduate students. By taking the QBridge program, students have the opportunity to be familiar with both Queen's campus life and the local environment. Moreover, they are provided instruction on assignment format (paper, reports, and presentations). As a result, they will get tips and advice on academic expectations during their undergraduate study. 


In a word, students learn English there, and more importantly, they will learn how to improve their English and how to how to use English as a communication tool in academic activities and daily-life." 

J.Song, graduate of the Experimental High School (part of Beijing Normal University, China), former QBridge student and current Queen's Undergraduate student

Principal Woolf Shadows Our Student Principal Woolf Shadows Our Student

Principal Daniel Woolf has been learning more about the life of Queen's students by shadowing select Queen's students. He spent a day shadowing one of our students, Abdiyah, in early June. They attended classes together and had lunch. During the day, the Principal tweeted about his new discoveries: "Abdiyah has just introduced me to Saudi singer Mohammed Abdo and I've downloaded some of his tunes from iTunes" @queensprincipal 

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