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June 2011
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Green Options for Your Garden

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Planting season is finally here, and summer vegetables and herbs are on their way! Now if only we can keep the pests out of our vegetable gardens so we can enjoy the fruits of our hard labor, instead of them, all will be well. Since we plan on feeding ourselves and our family's from that garden, it is even more important that we investigate green pest control and at least attempt to utilize other methods of pest control besides chemicals.A few tried and true methods use naturally occurring substances like diatomaceous earth. This is not damaging to our environment at all but is deadly to pests such as fleas, ants and slugs. There are also a plethora of products that repel pests by using plant extracts, spices and essential oil additives. For someone who wants a little more kill and wants to meet in the middle, the same eco friendly products come in a ECOPCO pest control product line, that have oils and also some low risk pesticides that leave less of an imprint on our environment.

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Super Bugs for the Garden

 All bugs are not created equal. All bugs are not pests. Many bugs can be beneficial to your home
garden and should be left alone to reduce the actual pests. Let's do some research
and start letting Mother Nature work in our favor by using our good guy insectsto control the bad guy pests. The Ladybug, Praying Mantis, and Aphidius Wasps are some of the  Super bugs.The Ladybug is a good controller for aphids, asparagusbeetle larvae, Colorado potato beetle larvae, lace bugs, mealy bugs, Mexican
bean beetle larvae, scale, spider mites, whiteflies, and eggs of several other
insects.You may also use a spinosad based product, which is a low toxicity biological insecticide. Spinosad is a new class of naturally produced metabolites from living organisms that provide excellent control of target pests, environmental compatibility, and low human risk. These options should not damage your beneficial pest populations while still managing to rid your garden of the bad pests. The products should be ingested by the targeted bad pests and cause themto die within a day or two. They are safe and effective, so you can administer the products yourself to rid your garden of unwanted eaters.Click HERE for more info!

Free From Fleas

Summer is time for outdoor family fun, picnics in the backyard, and all around relaxation! If your family includes any of our beloved four legged friends, then you have certainly fought the battle of the flea on a regular basis. There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing then having your families' outdoor retreat invaded by that tiny little nuisance known as the flea.  Look at some of our great new products to keep fleas in CHECK! We even have presorted kits to keep it easy for you.
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Fly Lights are just the right fix for flying pests, offering silent 24 hour, non chemical protection.
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