March 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

If you're on Facebook and are part of our Children's Ministry group, you've seen A LOT of photos this week all all kinds of things our kids have been doing at First Baptist Greenville. As the photos came in, I loved seeing the WIDE variety of things our kids have been learning just in the last week!

In Sunday school they explored the stories of Jesus' baptism and temptation, on Sunday afternoon they heard about our favorite Ninja, Bootie Cothran's three goals: stay active, challenge yourself, and be kind to others, and on Wednesday nights they're learning about how "A Ministry of Sharing Health and Hope" helps people in Nicaragua. And as they do all this learning, they're figuring out how to work together, they're expressing their thoughts, listening to others, deciding what they believe, and growing in their ideas of what it means to follow Jesus.

As the trees around us are blossoming, so are our children!

Love to you and your precious kids,

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
Operation Inasmuch Happens This Saturday!
(No Joke-- It Really Does!)
Operation Inasmuch happens this Saturday!
You can sign up as late as Operation InAsMuch Day!

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Summer Registration Has Begun!


Click on the program titles for flyers with all sorts of information about the event.

VBS Blast (for kids who've finished grades 1-5) 
9:15 am June 10-7 am June 11, FREE
Registration ends May 1.
(Volunteer sign up will begin in a few weeks.)

Missions Week 1 (for kids who've finished grades 1 or 2)
June 12-15, (Tues-Fri) 9am-noon 
$50 if paid in full by May 1
$70 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Missions Week 2 (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
June 18-21, (Mon-Thurs) 9am-3:30pm, 
$65 if paid in full by May 1
$85 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Camp Prism 2018 , (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
July 10-13
$175 if paid in full before May 1
$200 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.
Space is limited at camp on account of housing, so register soon!

Know that we don't want cost to prohibit your child from attending, so please talk with me if this is the case. I want to help your child attend as much of our summer programming as possible! 
Children On Mission Are Learning About Missions in Nicaragua
This unit in Children on Mission, the kids are learning about AMOS Health and Hope, a program in Nicaragua which stands for A Ministry Of Sharing Health and Hope. (Amos was a prophet whose message about justice flowing everywhere is still relevant today.)

In the Art Room, kids are learning about the Nicaraguan practice of weaving. They're tasting rice and beans and preparing plantains in the Cooking Room, and in the Bible and Culture Room, kids are experimenting to help them learn about how Nicaraguans use filtering to get clean water.

See lots more photos of our fun over at the Children's Ministry Facebook page !
Fun with Our Favorite Ninja!
What a great time we had with American Ninja Warrior and FBG buddy,  Bootie Cothran ! After lunch, we enjoyed hearing about his experience competing and his hopes for the next season. And what great timing, since a few hours later he heard he'll be part of season 10!

Many thanks to our lunch providers, Brooke and Andy Johnston,  Shanda LaForge , Rebecca Blevins, and  Perry Behrens .

And thank you to our wonderful chaperons, Herbert Rieder, Jennifer Restine, Susan Shelley, Brian Behrens, and Chris and  Lora Johnstone . Thanks also to  Chesnee Marshall  and Elizabeth Union for helping with clean up!

And thanks to all the families for bringing items for Triune Mercy Center! If anyone forgot and still wants to contribute, you're welcome to bring it Wednesday or Sunday

See lots more photos of our fun over at the Children's Ministry Facebook page !
Our Children Respond to the Sacred Stories
As we near Easter in Sunday school, we're retracing the steps of Jesus' life. This past Sunday, we explored the stories of his baptism and then time in the wilderness.

Enjoy the responses from our wondering questions:
I wonder what part of the story you liked best.
*I like when Jesus gets baptized. (grade 1, 2)
*When he was in the desert because he was not listening to the voice that was telling him what to do. (g1)
*The dove (g2)
*When he didn't need to test God (g2)
*The baptismal story (g3)
*When Jesus said that God doesn't have to be tested (g3)
*How he rejected Satan (g5)
*The temptations (g5)

I wonder what part of the story was the most important.
*When he went to the desert by himself. (g1)
*He could rule all the kingdoms but he said no (g2)
*Baptism (g2)
*Jesus resisted temptation (g3, 5)
*Believe in God (g5)
*Baptism (g5)

I wonder what part is about you, or what part God wanted you, especially, to hear.
*The story about John the Baptist because I am going to get baptized. (g1)
*Getting baptized. (g2)
*Resisting temptation because it's really hard (g3, 5)
*Believe in God (g5)

I wonder what is the hardest thing that God is trying to teach us through this story.
*Going to the desert- very hot and hard to find food (g1)
*Only listen to God (g1)
*How Jesus' life was (g2)
*Important things in the scriptures (g2)
*To try to resist temptation (g3)
*Believe in God (g5)
*We will be tempted (g5)

I wonder what a blessing is. I wonder if you've ever received one.
*A certain kind of love or gift (g2)
*Something that you feel (g2)
*A prayer, make lunch for my brother (g2)


Sydney Smith
Meredith Warthen

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Sunday School teachers have birthdays too!

Jennifer Restine, March 14

Happy Birthday, everyone! We love you!

This Sunday we'll share the story of Jesus as he does his work, healing and sharing parables
April Event: TBD, April 15, details to follow

Celebration Lunch for Fifth Graders and Their Families, May 6, 11:30-1

May Event: Hike the Swamp Rabbit to and Ice Cream Party, May 6, 1-3

VBS Blast! 2018
9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 1 or 2, June 12-15 9-12

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 3,4, or 5, June 18-21, 9-3:30

Camp Prism 2018
July 10-13
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