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"Size Matters"  Summer Savings Sale!!

 June 22,2016

Issue No 33     

Smoking Burgers
Nature's Choice Burger Planks

Through out the past years the Grilling Plank SuperStore has offered #1 quality grilling planks and sets with some of the best prices available and the most reliable and quickest shipping this year is no exception 
In addition we offer the most complete line of grilling plank lengths available.  WHY?  Not all the foods we love to prepare on our grills are the same size.  

Smoke/Roasting on a grilling plank on our grill is a form of indirect heat cooking.  Foods need to be inside the perimeter of the plank so they don't burn or overcook on the edges.  Usually 1/2 to 1 inch is plenty.  Have you ever smoke/roast that wonderfully fresh and tasty salmon fillet only to have the thin edges cook to hard or even burnt-we all have done it and there is a way to eliminate the disappointment.   Simply measure the food and you can quickly see which size plank to pull from your arsenal.  If needed Nature's Choice Grilling Planks all have 4 square edges.  Just slide two planks together to form a wider or longer plank and cook away.  

18" Planks Set Side By Side

This creates the perfect planking surface for larger foods like a whole chicken or a pork shoulder roast.  Below is info about many of our plank sizes to help make your next cookout a terrific success!

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 Larry Hinzman

 The Grilling Plank SuperStore 

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 Single Serving Grilling Planks
5.5" Grilling Plank
Perfect for smaller foods

We begin with our smallest plank which is 3.5" x 5.5".  Best used for small seafood fillets or perhaps aside of mushrooms. This is a very popular size used by our restaurant accounts.

Our 5.5" square plank, also a restaurant account favorite is the perfect size for a large specialty burger, a larger seafood fillet or a side of scallops.  Both sizes can be plated with room to spare. 

Mediteranian Planked Chicken Breasts
Mediterranean Planked Chicken Breasts

 The 8" x 5.5" grilling plank is a great choice for a larger seafood fillet, a side of veggies or maybe a boneless chicken breast,  pork chop or how about sliding 2 of them together for just the right size for a 2 serving Boneless Pork Loin Roast.

Pork Loin Roast
Planked Pork Loin Roast For 2

Nature's Choice best selling plank size is our 12" x 5.5" plank.  A wonderful choice for a few brats or a couple of bone in chicken breasts or thick cut chops.  Hands down our best seller too!

Whole Chicken and Veggies
2-12" Planks with a small whole chicken and a side of veggies

 Next up the ladder is our 15" x 5.5" grilling plank.  You can really start to get excited about using this one.  It can hold a lot of great foods.  Prep your favorite planked entree for 2 all on one plank.  Try adding a bit of fresh herbs directly on the plank before you set the food on it.  The herbs flavor and the hot plank will infuse directly into the food.

Sage On A Plank
Fresh Sage On A Plank

Next up is our 18" and 24" Grilling Planks.  Two 18" sized planks set side by side is perfect for an entire rack of Baby Back Ribs.

Pork Baby Backs On 18 in Plank
Baby back at their best!
Plenty of room to keep the edge of the ribs safe from burning and the planks smoke curls around the edges of the plank and ribs for a perfect mix of infused cedar smoke and indirect heat.  The ribs shown here were rubbed with Tomato Basil Rub the day before grilling and wrapped in clear wrap, just unwrap and head to the grill.  Didn't even need any sauce at the table they were so tender and flavorful. 

Finally is our 24" x 5.5" grilling plank.  Two of these side by side will accommodate an entire whole boneless pork loin or a full side of salmon.

That's it for plank length sizes, now you can experiment with your favorite foods that maybe you haven't tried on a plank before, I think you will be  very surprised just how wonderful the flavor will be.  Plus it as always fun to make your neighbors salivate with your aromatic cedar smoke.

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Size Matters Plank Set
Featured Plank Set!

Pork Baby Backs On 18 in Plank
18" Planks Included
Size Matters Cedar Grilling Plank Set from Nature's Choice.  As always all planks we offer are #1 quality and never seconds.  They are thicker than most and all have 4 squared edges to facilitate setting them side by side for an even larger planking surface.  

This 29pc Set Includes:

12-15" Grilling Planks
12-18" Grilling Planks
5-5.5" Grilling Planks

Plenty of sizes and plenty of planks for your Summer of Grilling.  

$78.89 Our Sale Price

Thank you for your interest and orders over the years, it is appreciated.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful and enjoyable sharing your
Summer grilling with family and friends.

Sincerely, Larry Hinzman