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The No Bull June Newsletter 

     with Danny Manus 


It's Summertime!! Which in LA just means even more construction and slightly less traffic for a few weeks. But for screenwriters, it's one of the busiest times of the year. Are you taking advantage of it?

Below you will find a number of new classes, events, and opportunities to take advantage of this summer and improve your craft, story and career.

First, however, I want to give you some details on a very exciting announcement I've been teasing about before anyone else hears it...

I am joining forces with SIMPLY SCRIPTS, one of the leading resources for writers and one of the best places on the web to find free, downloadable scripts! I will be doing exclusive FREE coverage notes on their Featured Script of the Month, which is chosen from all scripts submitted to SS each month after being evaluated by their readership. That coverage and a link to the script will be posted on the Simply Scripts Website.

Simply Scripts gets over 10,000 unique visitors a day and this new featured column will gain chosen writers (and No BullScript) some great exposure - plus some pretty great notes for free. The featured scripts chosen that get a RECOMMEND from me will also be listed in my newsletter and social media and may be included in the No Bull Hollywood Connection! Much like with ScriptShadow or SpecScout, this is a whole new way for new projects and writers to garner attention.

If you haven't checked out Simply Scripts yet, check it out at

The official press release with all the details will be out shortly, but I wanted to give you the scoop first!

Moving on....
This past weekend, I saw the romantic young adult drama The Fault in Our Stars based on the bestselling book. Written by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber (500 Days of Summer, Spectacular Now), this movie has become the massive sleeper hit of the summer.  And yes, it made me cry like a baby.

Not only was it the number one romance film ever on Fandango, but it opened to almost $50M in its first weekend on a $12M budget. That's unheard of for these types of movies. And it's on its way to clearing $100M. So what made this film so successful?

Before you get too excited that it might be time to brush off that small romantic drama story, keep this in mind -

It had a major established following from the NYT bestselling book, it made a huge splash on social media, it was released against a poorly-tracking sci-fi epic with Tom Cruise, the dialogue strikes the perfect blend of sweet, funny and heartbreaking, and most of all....the writers adapted the story the right way.

Adapting is a different skill from writing an original script. And since half of the movies Hollywood seems to be making are adaptations or remakes, it seems to be a skill worth learning. Here is my latest ScriptMag column on Adapting Your Story to Script, complete with tips and a checklist to make sure you're on the right track.

Here is a wonderful article from Neustadter & Weber themselves on what their keys to adapting this wonderful story were and how they decided what to keep and what to cut -

Of course the first step is writing the book. But that's a whole other article.

For you writers out there who ARE interested in doing books AND film...Next weekend, June 27-29 is the Greater LA Writers Conference at LA Valley College and given by West Coast Writers.  While not as big as some other events this month, the conference hosts a number of panels, classes, workshops and keynote speakers for book writers, screenwriters and more!

I will be teaching my class "Make Your First 10 Pages Shine" on Saturday June 28th at 2pm. I will also be on the Pitching Panel on Sunday the 29th at 11am-1230pm. If you're in the LA/SFV area and want to come for a day or the whole weekend, you can find out info & register here -

Please keep reading below for some important new events and information!  

On Thursday, July 10th at 1pm PST, I will be giving a brand new Writers Store Webinar!

From Premise to the Page:
Developing Your Screenplay Idea 

All great films and TV series start with a great idea. A premise. A thought. A hook. A visual. A character you'd love to write.


But how do you get from that great kernel of a concept to a vibrant and sellable script? How do you know if your idea is actually strong enough to BE a movie? And how do you distinguish which ideas are worth working on and which to cast aside?


In this Webinar, we will go through exercises that will help you examine your ideas, concepts and characters and develop them into more fleshed out stories. We will look at the driving forces of story including character, conflict, hook, stakes, and voice to make sure you're writing the best version of your story, and that it's the right story for YOU to tackle.


We will look at the If/Then paradigm of brainstorming and how your outline, plotting and even logline process can help keep your story on its best track. And we'll go over how execs evaluate concepts to know if they are sellable, visual, and compelling enough to be viable.


As a development exec and script consultant, I've spent over a decade helping writers and producers develop their ideas into sellable scripts. I can help show you how to develop that story instinct to turn your big ideas into big opportunity.



  • How to examine and develop your story ideas and original hooks into fleshed out, viable stories.
  • Ways to recognize if your idea is really a movie (or TV series) and the ability to recognize when it's not.
  • Different techniques that will make developing, outlining and plotting your story easier and fun.
  • The If/Then Brainstorming Tree.
  • The List of Questions Executives ask themselves when evaluating a project/concept.
  • How to know if your conflict and characters are strong enough to drive a story.
  • How to make sure you're writing the RIGHT version and genre of your concept
  • How to make sure you're exploiting your hook in visual, compelling ways.
  • How to know if you're starting your story at the right point and focusing on the right character.
  • Strategies to decide which of your many projects should be your next focus.

Even if you can't attend LIVE, by registering you get On-Demand access whenever you'd like for a whole year!


For the first time, Career Coach Lee Jessup and I are coming together for a 1-Day Intensive Seminar and Workshop to help you take your story, career and pitch to the next level!

DATE: Sat, Jul 19th, 2014

TIME:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm PT
LOCATION:  Westin LAX Hotel
5400 W Century Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90045


In Hollywood, everyone always says they are looking for something "elevated." But it's more than just a buzzword - it's a mindset. It's about taking your stories and your careers to the NEXT level.  


There are thousands of good scripts out there, but incredibly few great ones. There are hundreds of writers who have sold or optioned something, but very few working consistently at the highest levels.  So how do you get your script and career from Point A to Point B?


This full-day course is designed to help you get there!  


Until July 4th, you can register for the Early Bird SALE Price of just $79!


Register Now - Space is Very Limited!


This jam-packed day will be broken up into 3 parts:


Part 1 - Elevate Your Story with Danny  

Part 2 - Elevate Your Career with Lee 

Part 3 - Elevate Your Pitch with Danny and Lee! 

Lee and Danny will come together to show you how best to elevate your pitches for film, TV and representation. They'll go through different pitching techniques to make sure you're highlighting the best of you and your project. And then they will take and critique your pitches LIVE!


This is your chance to get your script, pitch and career where they need to be and get individual guidance from TWO of the industry's leaders!






AUGUST 15-17 IN LA! 
I will be teaching one of the BOOT CAMPS at this year's Screenwriter's World Conference in LA August 15-17th.

Writing Successful Loglines, Query Letters and Leave Behinds Boot Camp is Friday, August 15th at 9am-12pm!

Every writer attending the bootcamp will walk out with a logline that works great for your story and ready to pitch! (extra fee is required for Boot Camp sessions)

I will also be on the Pitch Panel Saturday at 9am to give you great pitch tips before the Pitch Slam begins, and teaching Preparing for the Development Process at 10pm Saturday!

It's going to be a great weekend and Keynote Speaker Palek Patel is not to be missed (after my bootcamp of course).

I will also be holding private pitch consultations all day Friday and Saturday at my booth in the Exhibition Hall (after my classes). If you'd like to book a 15 or 30 minute session, email me. Slots will book up.

For more info and to Register at the Sale Price, please check out
MY KANSAS CITY LIVE APPEARANCE - My Morning TV Debut on NBC in Kansas City. Check out the clip on YouTube!
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About Danny Manus:
Danny Manus is one of the leading script consultants as CEO of No BullScript Consulting, and was ranked in the Top 15 "Cream of the Crop" Script Consultants by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, headshot 2010. He is also the author of the book "No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective." Danny was the Director of Development for Clifford Werber Productions (Cinderella Story, Sydney White) and is attached to produce several projects independently. He was previously a Development Consultant for Eclectic Pictures and the DOD at Sandstorm Films, which had a first look deal at Screen Gems. He is a regular columnist for ScriptMag, has appeared on numerous podcasts, been a judge for Austin Film Festival, Page Awards, Kansas City Film Fest, etc., and has taught at dozens of events, conferences and writing groups across the country. He is also father to a very chubby yet adorable cat named Tux.   


Danny Manus
No BullScript Consulting
This issue's final thoughts -   Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there, especially mine! Even though he will not see this because he thinks all Social Media is just a government controlled spy operation.