Sizzling Summer 
Class Schedule
Belly Dance Classes by A MAGI Melanie
Level 1 Egyptian Style  Classical & FUN(ky)!
All Levels Warmly Welcome!
Mondays 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesday 7-8pm, Saturdays 11am-Noon
Mondays in July: Veil Workshops - All Levels!
Technique & Choreography  (Veils Sale: $10 & Up)

Upper Level Classes:
Level 2: Adv.Beginner/Int.:
Thursdays 6-7pm (7/13 & 7/20) Sha'abi Egyptian Fun(ky) Dance
Saturdays 12:15-1:15pm ZILLS THRILLS w/Beledy, Musmoodee, 9/8, Malfuf & more beats & choreographies! Take 11am class for warmups, technique & Beledy choreography
Mondays 8-9pm A MAGI Masters Troupe (check summer schedule) $15/class
Above Classes: $12/class or otherwise noted
Class Cards: $90/10-classes, $50/5-classes (valid 6 months); SEE COUPON BELOW
Monthly Class Cards: $36/4-classes; $68/8-classes

Tribal Belly Dance Classes by Cat
Tribal Tuesdays ATS-American Tribal Style
7-8pm Level 1; 8-9pm Level 2
Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm Tribal Fusion
$12/class. Ask Cat about Tribal Class Card

ATS Intensive Workshop by Cat
Saturday July 29, 2017, 2-5pm $30.

9/16 & 17/2017
Special Workshops by Special Guest Instructors!
*Belly Dance: Egyptian & Lebanese
*Debke Lebanese Folk Dance
*Arabian Drum Beats
by Morwenna & Walid Assaf (Lebanon)
Join us for 3 workshops starting Saturday 12:30-2:30pm and 3-5pm and Sunday Noon-1:30pm  $35 each session or $60/2 or $75/3 by 8/26/17 or 
Door: $40; $70; $90
Celebrate Melanie's 45th Belly Dance Anniversary (28 in Orlando!)
Sunday 9/17/17, 4-7pm Belly Dance Show & Hafla $10 by 8/26 or $15/Door
Oblivion Taproom, 5101 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, Florida 32807
Buy Tix in class at the "Temple" or amagi@amagibellydance.com
Class Card COUPON!
$40 for 5 class card (Reg. $50).
Save $10! Sale til 7/10/17

  Valencia College Students!  
Sign up for  Adj. Prof. Melanie's Belly Dance Class PEM1171 at West Campus! 

Get your SUMMER SIZZLING Happy Dance & Belly Groove ON!  
Belly Dance is a great form of exercise toning all muscles and culminating in an an aerobic cardio workout! AND it releases endorphins that make you feel HAPPY, Plus you feel better & HEALthier!  Remember to HYDRATE & drink plenty of water!

Did you know that Belly Dance is a layering of different isolated movements that work on and tone different muscle groups.  Because of that, to learn to move one body part at a time, the rest of the body must learn to be silent or anchored, in order to support the isolated/isometric movements.  It's best NOT to chew gum, as that also is an isolated movement that will interfere with mastering the beautiful, sensuous isolations. ;-)

Melanie's back in her native BOSTON 
August 19!  ROAD TRIP!  Come Along!