San Diego Rowing Club
A Summer Thank you from your
San Diego Rowing Club!
Greetings Club Members, Alumni, Families and Friends -

We trust that your SUMMER 2011 is off to a grand start.

Your Officers and Employees thank every one of you for your support.
We collectively ask for a bit of your time and talent  in the weeks ahead and always...
And should anyone have extra cash after your mid-year tax review - CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS for the new DAINIS OHAK 4X acquisition are welcomed.  Please see our Club treasurer, Rob Hibler,  for details if you have any questions about tax deductible contributions.

Please read on for opportunities to help your Club sustain, communicate and yes => party on...

As you may know, Julie Hoppe, aka Quickbooks expert, works in our Office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

As you now learn - we are formally advertising to fill a revised employment position of Club OPERATIONS DIRECTOR.  This part-time position should be filled before our Fall season.

Welcome to our New Members.

Thanks to all that joined our ARTICLE Launch for the "Resilient History of the San Diego Rowing Club".  Each member in good standing receives this feature article in the Summer edition of The Journal of San Diego History.  
Pick up your copy (and a SDRC window decal) in the Boathouse Office. 

Thanks to Michelle Schooler  for providing a paid presence at the Center on Weekend mornings.  She handles orientations, checks security and covers a myriad of tasks  for the Club.

Watch our Trailer disappear!  That's right - - - the Club's Boat Trailer will be stored off-site, except for loading and unloading periods.

Watch a Storage Shed appear - That presto-chango possibility may happen shortly. If approved - this shed (8' by 20') will be an extension on the northeast corner of the Coggeshall Center.

If you have comments, questions, feedback, hisses and / or  boos - please submit anonymously  in our Suggestion Box or via email / in person.  Use the  email address, if you please....


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PLEASE Mark your Calendars!

1. Board of Directors Challenge Cup and GARTY PARTY (Thursday, 7-7-11 starting at 6 pm):
 Build a thirst  by manning 8+ Shells to race against your Officers for the 2nd Annual BoD Challenge Cup.  
We will have a grand cookout to ensure that everyone is hydrated (water, soda and whatever...).  Boating starts at 6 pm (Juniors, Collegians and Masters are heartily encouraged to attend). 
This special GARTY PARTY lasts until...whenever. Assuming strong attendance, we should resume the weekly GARTY Parties thereafter.
We have fourteen (that's right 14) GARTY Special Events before Labor Day.  That is truly GREAT news to strengthen our Club's financial posture.  Kudos to Julie, Kathy, Amanda and others for this budding success story.
Yet - we all must help a little with preparing the Pavilion and grounds for Events and be flexible to assist with Event logistic items.  Thanks in advance!
2. Saturday Coggeshall Clean-up - WE NEED YOU  on Saturday morning 7-16 from 9 til Noon (surely you work for BRATS and BEVERAGE)...
We have painting, spot jobs, oar work, general cleanup, boat relocations, outdoor touch-ups...get the idea?  
Our last Clean-up was, quite frankly, underwhelming for participation.  
There are alternatives to tapping a bit of your Volunteer time and talent, but we'd prefer to avert cleaning surcharges and the like with your HELP. 
Most Masters need the exercise and most Juniors need the Service hours :)
3. Southwest Regional MASTERS Regatta (Sunday,  July 10th):
A small contingent of Masters rowers and scullers will descend on Oakland's Lake Merritt for spirited racing to bring back a bushel of blings.
Thanks, as always, to our ironman trailer driver and Starboard Stroke, Senor Wragg, for yet another long-haul. 
4. Club Nationals 13-14 July
Best of luck to Coach Lemus and our lady collegiate racers.
5. OKLAHOMA - (not the musical but the MASTERS Nationals) - mid August

Your Officers and Employees
San Diego Rowing Club


PLEASE check our website and social network sites for timely communiques and shared fun!