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Dear Friends, Summer is upon us and this is a good time to look at the energies that will be present this summer as initiated by the chart of the Summer Solstice:  a turning point, a time of support and a time of culmination. 


Greece has been in the news a lot lately and I explore a bit about what the chart associated with modern Greece indicates for current events.    


Also, a link to a radio show event next week on June 22, 2015.  


It is a pleasure to serve and stay in contact over the years with so many bright and light souls!  Thank you again for sharing this journey with us. 


Blessings and peace,


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LunarSummer Solstice
June 21, 2015

The Summer and Winter Solstice (along with Spring and Fall Equninox) are the foundation of Western or Tropical Astrology (the statements below are from the perspective of the North Hemisphere):  
  • The Spring Equinox marks the day each spring when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are of equal length. This is marked by the first degree of the sign of Aries.
  • The Summer Solstice marks the day with the longest amount of daylight when the Sun reaches its most northerly position. This is marked by the first degree of the sign of Cancer.
  • The Fall Equinox marks the day each Autumn when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and the day and night are again of equal length. This is marked by the first degree of the sign of Libra.
  • The Winter Solstice marks the day with the shortest amount of daylight and this is the day when the Sun reaches its most southerly position. This is marked by the first degree of the sign of Capricorn.

Western Astrology marks the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer with the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2015.  


The chart for this Summer Solstice carries with it an energy that will enliven the months ahead until we reach the Fall Equinox. There are three keys to this chart that I would like to focus on:

  • A Turning Point with the Sun in Cancer square to the North and South Node of the Moon
  • A Time of Support through Mutual Reception
  • A Time of Culmination via planetary energies at Critical Degrees (including Saturn)


A Turning Point


Any planet square to the nodes of the Moon represents a turning point and presents an opportunity to make new choices about HOW we move forward in life. Turning points are not always easy or smooth, but they provide the potential for greater alignment with our soul's purpose. We 'simply' need to embrace the energy, let go of what no longer serves us, make new choices and embark on our path a bit differently than before.


This Summer Solstice chart with the Sun in Cancer square to the nodes of the Moon has the following qualities:


  • The Cancer Sun of this Summer Solstice wants us to be confident and shine by being comfortable and trusting our feelings.
  • The Libra North Node is seeking to find true harmony, joy and balance.
  • Taken together, this is a turning point in time asking us to trust our feelings so that we can find joy, harmony and balance.


Being confident to trust our feelings is not always easy. Why not? Often, we have static playing in the background in the form of wounding we have received in the past (from past lives or our childhood) or feelings of guilt and doubt that we project upon ourselves, often from 'over thinking' our feelings.  


The Cancer Sun wants us to  

Simply Feel and to Simply Trust  

so that we can be radiant and shine!


The Libran energy contained in the North Node is seeking to find balance between us and others. In practice, Libra often gives too much of itself away at the expense of the needs of self, which puts the scales of Libra OUT of balance. When we focus mainly on the needs and feelings of others, we avoid our own feelings. Only if we stop avoiding our own feelings can we begin to understand and trust our feelings!


A further reminder of the need for balance is provided by the Aries South Node. The energy of Aries can serve to bring true balance to Libra. When Libra puts too much emphasis on others, Libra puts itself out of balance. Aries brings the reminder that you are important too and asks us to honor our own feelings too. This awareness can guide Libra back into balance, when the needs of others and yourself are both considered. This leads to the possibility for Win-Win solutions. When both the other person "Wins" and you also "Win", then Libra truly finds balance, harmony and a lasting joy.


The Libra North Node reminds of the importance of balance and of creating Win-Win solutions as a key step to trusting our feelings and emotions.



A Time of Support


With the Cancer Sun and Leo Moon, we have another opportunity to learn to trust our feelings via the quality of Mutual Reception:   two planets each being ruled by the sign that rules the other. In this case, the Sun naturally rules Leo and the Moon naturally rules Cancer.   So, when we have a Leo Moon and Cancer Sun, these two planets are in Mutual Reception.




Essentially, each planetary archetype has its own language. The language of the Sun is focused externally and wants us to be confident and shine, while the language of the Moon is focused inwardly and wants to be comfortable and to nurture. Mutual Reception acts like a translator that helps two planets to speak the same language so they work together to create a new level of trust and confidence:


When the Moon in Leo is confident,  

we can more easily trust our feelings.


When the Sun in Cancer is comfortable,

we can shine more brightly.


This Mutual Reception provides a time of opportunity, when the alternative perspectives of the Sun and Moon can communicate with one another and develop a new level of understanding.



A Time of Culmination


Since each sign has 30 degrees, when a planet reaches the last degrees of a sign the planet is culminating or completing its journey through the sign. This is like final exams at the end of a semester in school. What have you learned? Are you ready to move forward to next semester's courses?


First, the culminating energy of the Moon at 29 of Leo demands that we prove that we have the confidence to trust our emotions. So, we need to take the final exam and prove we have learned this. But, with the square from Uncle Saturn, we are given an additional challenge to overcome the blockages associated with old wounds. No culmination is quite complete without the additional pressure applied by Saturn!  



Second, Saturn itself is at 29 of Scorpio. Through this culminating degree, we have our last gasp of Saturn transiting Scorpio, which has been an intense transit (since 2012). Again, here we are dealing with healing, deep, hidden wounds from the past. If you want to be reminded of what is wrapping up with this final movement of Uncle Saturn out of Scorpio (his son Pluto's sign), please refer to our newsletter from September 21, 2012 to process what this time has meant for you (previous newsletters). This is an important culmination to observe because Saturn is a very powerful, slow moving planet and he wants us to learn an important lesson that will help us graduate to the next level of maturity and wisdom.


Third, Mars at 28 Gemini is balsamic, conjunct the Sun making it very important for us to express our point own point of view. You could say that key phrase for Mars in Gemini is "taking action with words". It is important to note that Gemini is concerned with communicating your point of view and NOT the absolute truth. So, this is not about preaching to the world and converting them to your beliefs, but rather being confident to share your point of view. A second key phrase for Mars in Gemini is "Don't go to war over opinions". Having confidence in your ideas also includes the potential to allow others to have their own opinions. This final exam should be an interesting one and by the way, it is a verbal exam!



In Summary


Taken together, we are asked over this summer to: learn to trust yourself and your feelings when you are interacting with others, they are the key to harmony and joy!


Wishing that this Summer Solstice find you moving in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars!





Athena, Vienna Parliament

Greece.  It is the birthplace of the myths that form the foundation for western astrology and its astrological archetypes.


It is also the birthplace of democracy, which inspired the Founding Fathers in the United States of America to adopt and incorporate democratic principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.   


In Munich, Bavarian King Ludwig I wanted to turn Munich into "Athens on the river Isar" (the Isar is the river that flows through Munich) representing the accomplishments in culture and civilization of ancient Greece.  


Standing before the Austrian Parliament building in Vienna is an enormous, golden statue of Athena indicating this was a governmental house of democratic ideas.  


I could go on and on listing the ways that Ancient Greece has inspired the modern world.  


Fast forward to 2015. On January 26, 2015, the Greek people elected a new government.  While Greece has been in the news over the last few years, they have now jumped onto the front pages of newspapers. This is a time of financial crisis (and has been since 2009 for Greece) and deciding the path to the future. Will Greece embrace societal and financial reforms? Will they default on their debts? Will they leave the Euro currency or even the European Union?   


I heard a news article today that presented some facts I did not know about Greece's modern day history (Greece was a dictatorship until 1974), which prompted a bit of exploration into Greece's tumultuous history.  This article is not to state a political opinion on the matter, but to explore the astrological archetypes being played out in the current media story and in history. 




The birth chart of Greece was established with their independence in 1821 (1-see footnote) and it reveals important insights into both the current financial crisis and the past 200 years of their history.  Two powerful signatures hold important clues to their history and the new government's current negotiations with the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank (aka The Troika).   


First, Saturn is in an exact conjunction with the Sun at 16 Aries. Aries wants to do only what it wants and is NOT willing to be tied down by unimportant things like "rules". The Greek people and the government they elected want to follow the course they want to follow. If they were in America, we might hear them say "Don't fence me in!" Then, Saturn adds a quality of both denial of reality and resistance. Greece is in denial that their current financial system is not working and they are resisting making any of the changes to adjust their finances.


Second, Mars is conjunct Pluto in Pisces in the 7th house. The god of war (Mars) is merged with the lord of the underworld (Pluto) suggesting both that powerful forces will be on their doorstep and that they will attempt to resist any "attacks". Since its modern foundation in 1821, Greece has experienced the role of power and force in attaining political power. Greek Independence in 1821 came in a war of liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Ten years later, the first governor of Greece was assassinated. In 1843, the newly appointed king (the son of Bavarian King Ludwig I) stepped down after a powerful uprising. On April 21, 1967, the new government was overthrown in a military coup d'├ętat and a dictatorship was established. Political stability is not something that comes easily for Greece and change seems to come with struggle. Embracing a mature, wise response to this energy might serve better.    



In the next few weeks, Greece will be coming to a time of decision. Just as the 1967 coup d'├ętat was triggered by transiting Uranus and Pluto hitting the Ascendant of the Greek chart, now transiting Uranus is conjunct the Saturn and Sun conjunction in the Greek chart. Additionally, transiting Pluto will soon square the Sun and Saturn.  


While Saturn promotes resistance to change, transiting Uranus and Pluto bring a powerful demand for reform (see previous articles Summer 2010 and July 21, 2013). Change is certain. Whether it will come from reform or collapse is up to the Greeks and its European partners. Transits suggest that the next five weeks will be particularly confrontational with external partners and internal constituencies. Keep an eye on the news.   


While the Greek chart suggests it won't be easy, a modern "Greek tragedy" can be avoided. My hope is that the wisdom that Europe and western civilization inherited from Ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy, returns to the negotiating table in the 21st century.


1-From the book "Horoscopes of Europe" by Mark Penfield, page 71.  


RadioRadio Show
I am delighted to visit with Charlene Springer on her Radio Show "Beyond Empowerment" on BlogTalkRadio!

We will have fun 'Exploring the World of Astrology and Astrocartography' and I hope you can tune in!

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