The Spirited Woman
SUMMER is magical. A great time to dream and read on the beach or at a retreat and be inspired. On our Summer Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
LEGENDS OF THE GRAIL - Includes ancient myths and modern stories about Irish & Scottish Goddesses. When a woman discovers the Goddess within her own nature, she becomes an embodiment of the Grail, a vessel in which the divine light can dwell. These ancient ones, known as the Sidhe, have messages for those who wish to awaken to their wholeness.

RISE ABOVE, FREE YOUR MIND ONE BRUSH STROKE AT A TIME - is a full color journey into your Super Soul Flow. Each chapter is an energy, a feeling, that you can choose to create, symbolically through Whitney Freya's expert guidance and soulful prompts, and viscerally out into the art that is YOUR life. Whitney Freya's book is bursting color, spiritual teachings and all the ways painting can be meditation, energy work and prayer for you.

NUDGES FROM YOUR SPIRIT - will teach you how to receive intuitive guidance and how to trust the answers you receive. Melissa discovered her spirit at an early age, developing her intuition by turning trauma into opportunity. This book helps people to strengthen their spiritual connection, while they unlearn everything blocking them from receiving the spiritual nudges around and within them.

MAD MISCHIEF - Author Susan St. John makes an exciting entry into the world of fiction with her story of an elite African safari that is transformed into a psychotic journey of survival for a society wife traveling with her husband. Mad Mischief uses the shimmering beauty and primal power of sub-Saharan Africa as the setting for a story of love, deceit, obsession and ultimately, escape and redemption.

YOU HAVE TO LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING/HOW TO PARENT YOUR PARENTS - Based on Charlotte Canion's personal experience assisting her parents with dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Inside she shares anecdotes and advice to help other "parenting parents" build and reinforce happy memories by remembering to find humor during an often overwhelming end-of-life journey. Amazon.


POWERFUL HABITS TO GROW YOUNGER EVERY DAY - LOOK AND FEEL 10 YEARS YOUNGER NATURALLY! - Holistic health expert Wendy Vineyard shows you exactly how to choose natural do-it-yourself anti-aging solutions that actually work - especially when you harness the power of habit to prevent or reverse premature aging. Start now to live strong, pain-free, sharp-as-a-whip and beautiful into advanced old age. Amazon.
MOTHERHOOD - IS IT FOR ME? YOUR STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO CLARITY - by authors Denise L. Carlini & Ann Davidian. Written without agenda and based on the hugely-successful 12-week program the authors have been running for over two decades, this comprehensive guide gives women the space, wisdom, and inspiration they desire and deserve to explore their motherhood decisions in a nonjudgemental, loving way. Amazon.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES A PSYCHOLOGICAL ROMANCE - A psychologist's romance with a married man spikes lifelong problems. Does London have multiple personality disorder? Or, are these fantasy personalities, sprites, fairy-godmothers, vying to influence her actions? How London responds to the challenges of loving Cary, is flavored by these personalities, and by her childhood imaginary-friend throughout this intensely romantic and erotic story. Amazon
THE GRATITUDE PROJECT: MAKING THE DECISION TO BE GRATEFUL - "Each page from beginning to end is filled with the incredible inspiration, wisdom, and God given talent Christine Frame Martin so profoundly possesses." Journey with Christine through the trauma of her first marriage into what she calls her Dark Night of the Soul, as she shares her search to live a more gratitude-filled life.

BY YOUR SIDE - Details the tragic story of the loss of Misty's sister, Stephanie, back in 1993. After being missing for 55 days, Stephanie's remains were found in Southeastern Arizona. This story not only depicts the non-existent investigation into Stephanie's death but also the spiritual connection between the two sisters. Misty now embraces her spiritual gifts and helps others.

RETURN TO BEAUTIFUL - by Jelena Petkovic. You will learn how to restore vibrant health, natural beauty, slow down aging and prevent disease through a heart-filled, soulful strategy. Wake up to that most beautiful optimistic soul you might have lost due to stress, hardship, societal beliefs or pressures, mental/emotional/physical toxins, trauma, cruelty and lack of empowering and nurturing tools or resources.
GRATITUDE THROUGH TRIALS REDEEMED AND LOVED - by Laurie Kirby. A tribute to God's love and strength this author found in the struggle to save her marriage, God's forgiveness and compassion taught Laurie that no sin is beyond His redemption, and no sorrow too deep for His Comforter to lift. Despite failings common to us all, there is hope. Amazon

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