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May, 2014 

For many of you who have stayed with us, you'll no doubt be aware of our gorgeous original 1770's pumpkin pine floors.  We love showing them off and reminding guests that the lady who restored them insists that, if your guests are going "out on the town" in heals, they must wear their flops to the door ! 
We were aware that some of the floors planks were really wide, but until last week, and during  discussion with our local Rockland Trust Branch Manager, we hadn't really appreciated their significance.   The preservation of trees for ship building and the mast trade was so important to England that ownership of the large trees was written into the Massachusetts Bay Charter of 1691.
"For better providing and furnishing of Masts for our Royal Navy wee do hereby reserve to us Our Heires and Successors ALL trees of the diameter of 24 inches and upward of 12 inches from the ground, growing upon any soils or tracts of land within our said Province or Territory not heretofore granted to any private persons. We doe restrains forbid all persons whatsoever from felling, cutting or destroying any such trees without the the Royall Lycence from us Our Heires and Successors first had and obteyned vpon penalty of Forfeiting One Hundred Pounds sterling vnto Ous Our Heires and Successors for every such Tree soe felled cult or destroyed without such Lycence " 
Such became known as The Kings Lumber!
So back to the Parsonage, several of our flooring planks in The Haven and Witterings are 20 inches, with one more than 22 inches.  Considering the clause above, previous owners in the 17th and 18th century either hid them well or were fortunate to avoid penalties.  However if you should ever see some "redcoats" around the Inn, its probably His Majesty's soldiers reclaiming their rights under the terms of the Kings Lumber!
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May day madness
Mothers Day

 Finally the good weather has arrived! We're expecting sun and 70+ temperatures over the weekend.  It's never too late for a last minute celebration, celebrate Mother's Day with flowers in your room on arrival and mimosa's with breakfast on Mother's Day.

 Call to reserve or book online and mention "Mothers Day" on your reservation.


Restaurant Week, Cape Cod, May 12th- 18th

 Some of our best Orleans restaurants including, Captain Linnell, Joe's, Nauset Beach Club are offering three and four course exhibition menus for between $25 - $35.  Revisit a favorite or try a new one!

 Spend two days at the Parsonage and celebrate restaurant week with a bottle of chilled champagne in your room on arrival.  

Cannot be combined with any other special.

  For these and other specials visit our website for detail.



Three cheers for local businesses

It's always inspiring to see the variety and expertise of local business here in Orleans.  Although many are focused on seasonal business, many offer year round services.  At the Parsonage we are looking to partner with these companies to offer a range of products and services to our guests that will enhance their stay and provide lasting memories. 


Indulge in a gorgeous and relaxing facial.  Stay at the Parsonage and receive an exclusive 10% discount on treatments and skin care products.  One hour facial, normally $95.  Call for details.  


Beautiful flowers for any occasion.  Nothing shows you care quite like a stunning bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers.  Call and let us take care of your occasion. 

A vacation is having nothing to

do and all day to do it in!  

 Jo-Anne and Richard   

In This Issue

The Kings Broad Arrow. A marking to signify the tree was the property of the King


 Cape Cod Trivia

 Heritage Museums & Gardens of Sandwich owns and exhibits the most important collection of American antique automobiles in the United States. 
On our list of things to do this month, along with a trip to their  wonderful  azalea and rhododendron gardens

Veggie beds in!


Garden to table herbs and veggies for summer!



We are so lucky to have 

Nauset Farms directly across the road

from us.  Whether its their signature sandwiches, Rick's special cuts and rubs!, Steve's gourmet dishes, or just the excellent wine and beer selections, the quality and convenience is priceless.  

And with the renovations completed and various new "goodies" we're truly spoilt. 

Thank you Warren, Frank and the team!!




We often talk about the variety of things happening on the Cape. Here are just a few of our favorites during May;

For these and more go to

Cape Events  

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