• Ready to ship!  We took a look at all the various summer gloves we have in stock and picked out the ones that you all seem to like best.  These have consistently sold well with fewest returns and the customer reviews have all been great.

  • Shipping tip:   Any of these gloves shown here that are purchased alone can be shipped via post office for just $3.99 to any US address (including AK, HI and military addresses).
Availability:  Small through XXL
Paul M said:   I bought these to use on my dirt bike. They are more substantial than most dirt bike specific gear. The leather palms work well for me and they have decent knuckle and digit padding. 
Availability:  Small through XXL
John B said:  Hard to beat for the price. Quality materials, good fit, sizing was spot on.. 
Blue, Hi Viz and Red colors available also
Availability:  Small through XXL
Gregory D said:  V ery comfortable. Looks like all the protection I was wanting and then some. Quality is excellent. The color is bright and looks first class! I am a HAPPY CUSTOMER!!
Blue, Red or White colors available also
Men's sizes: XXS through XXXL
Women's sizes:  Small through Large
Mark R said:  This is the second pair of DX2 gloves. They do a nice job for the riding conditions I do. Not made for super cold weather or super hot. Everything else in between is just fine.
Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow colors also available in Men's sizes; Black, Pink or Silver also available in Women's sizes
Men's sizes: Small through XXL
Women's sizes:  Small through XXL
Alan S said:  They were comfortable on day 1 and will only get better with more rides. They have good air flow over the top of the had and the leather in the palm is soft and has yet to leave my had stained with black dye.
Black or DayGlo colors also available for both Men and Women
Availability:  Medium through XXXL in at least one of the two colors

Douglas B said:  They fit, they function, they work in hot weather. You only need protection when you crash. These will protect your digits if the worst happens.
Availability:  Small through XXXL

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or White colors available also
Availability:  XS through XL

Black, Purple or Silver colors available also
Plus you'll get a $6 Loyalty Credit!

A vailability:  Small through XXXXL
Black, Black/Red and Black/Sand also available
Availability:  Small through XXXL
David S said:  Love the breath-ability of this glove but the protection is minimal. The good thing is that if the glove is too minimal depending on temp, I'm able to add a glove liner and the fit is still perfect. I like the grip you get from wearing gloves and for a scorching hot day, these will suffice very well.
Black or Silver also available
Men's sizes: Small through XXL
Women's sizes:  Small through XXL
Matthew C said:  Very comfortable and light. I perhaps wish the gauntlets were longer, but it hasn't been a problem yet. I've warn them down to 60 degrees, and they were fine, but it wasn't for long. The hottest has been about 100, and they were great.
Black color also available for both Men and Women; Blue also available in Men's
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