Have you had enough hot dogs this Summer yet?


Alleycatz Live Jazz Bar -  
hip catz roll through this alley.

Mostly music lovers and food enthusiasts but they have other kinds too, which has made this one of Toronto's top popular dining and party destination!
Jazz vocalist Andy De Campos

Jazz Singer Andy De Campos

will be performing at Alleycatz Live Jazz Bar,
accompanied by piano and bass on:


Tuesday July 17 at 8pm  
2409 Yonge Street,  Toronto,  ON M4P 2H5

For reservations call 
416-481-6865 or click here.
Andy's Favourites on the Alleycatz Menu:

Sorry, I'm a sucker for seafood!  I say the alligator also counts because, well, they do have SALT WATER alligators in Australia (or is that crocodiles?!)


Pan fried tiger shrimp brushed with Spanish garlic butter 


Toasted bread, roma tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil, balsamic drizzle and shaved parmesan (add goat cheese $2) 


Grilled alligator tenderloin skewers with bell peppers and red onion served in a Creole tomato sauce  
Sweet potato, Ontario corn, lobster, breaded, served with jalapeno lime mayo  


Marinated grilled calamari brushed with a bagna calda olive oil, cured tomatoes, kalamata olives  


* not endangered species but definitely an endangered dish at Alleycatz. It goes like hot (lobster) cakes!