June 2017

Summer is HERE!
Back in 2004, DREAM realized that local youth  spent far too little time in school--less than 3.5 hours per day!  Our solution was a summer program,  converting  academic support  into  a 4 week adventure that would inspire the kids to develop a  lifelong  love  of  learning. That summer, we hosted a group of 6 volunteers from Dartmouth college and launched our first DREAM Summer  Camp  with 60 youth. Today, DREAM is hosting more than 1,000 youth in 8 camps  across the country focusing  on academic  skills , responsible decision - making,  environmental education arts and  culture, literacy, sports adventure  and community involvement.   ¡Qué  viva el Camp a mento!
Our Literacy Revolution: A New Abreu Library

Third and sixth graders in t he Dominican Republic  had the lowest reading levels among students in 15 countries in Latin America according to the latest comparative study, TERCE.   In response,  DREAM is inspiring thousands of young readers  through diverse initiative including  My Very Own Library, Mobile Libraries, Book Clubs and  School  Libraries. Thanks to innovative partners such as  Fast Enterprises, Friends & Family of Anne Feeley, Ace Bailey, Moller Family Foundation,  Scholastic and LitWorld this literacy movement has gained international recognition. Our latest step forward has been alongside the community of Abreu and Cabrera, starting with architect Eric Urbahn, we were proud to bring together parents, community leaders and local residents to build our newest library in the Escuela Bàsica Màximo Acosta in Abreu. Let the reading begin!
Time of the Butterflies

Each July, DREAM is proud to partner with The Butterfly Effect, a worldwide water movement that brings women together in a non-competitive gathering celebrating community and love of the ocean, while instilling confidence in women of all ages and skill sets. 100% of proceeds from the Goodbye Dinner to be held Saturday July 8th at Velero will go towards our Summer School and Camp Program, benefiting more than 1,000 local youth!   Be the Effect, register or donate today!
Global Connections are Everywhere!

Our busy summer season of visiting Global Connection Groups is in full swing, with more than 100 international volunteers investing more than 2,000 hours of volunteer work and US$50,000 into our local economy and public schools. This summer, we are providing English as a Second Language  classes  and  m ini  s ummer  camps , in addition to much needed infrastructure improvements. Thank you Texas State University, Pan American Academy Charter School, Wilmington Friends School and our partners at Education First! Let's keep DREAMing Big together! 
The CCB Benefit Launches DREAM's First Montessori Classroom in Santo Domingo!

The DREAM Project, jointly with IMCA and Banco Progreso, inaugurated its first Montessori classroom in the sector of Guachupita, Santo Domingo. The  Aula Oriett  bears the name of world  renowned  designer  Oriett Domenech, a longtime supporter of DREAM's expansion in the capit a l.  Classroom teachers are trained in Montessori methodology to provide  the best  early childhood  education  possible  to more than 50 young people. The Virgen de Carmen School works very close ly  with  Regional District 15  of the Ministry of Education ,  and plans to  work with  DREAM  to launch  more educational programs.
Music Camp 2017

It was a perfect week of 65 students, 10 teachers and 30 hours of fun!   Music, dance and recycled art formed the basis for students to develop their musical talents and explore the world through movement.  The iASO Bachata Academy and Contemporary  Musicprograms formed mixed groups to perform classic songs from all genres.  A special thanks to our incredibly talented guests Allison Rivera, Helena Dardelet, Marcelo Tavarez and the Yemaya Tribe dance crew. Like our Facebook page to get invited to the next concert! 
DREAMer of the Month
Gerardo Aponte Martínez

Gerardo is back in Cabarete for his fourth summer as Academic Director of one of DREAM's largest summer camp sites. Under Gerardo's leadership, our teachers have received high quality professional development workshops, new curriculum and instructional strategies, and consistent support in the classroom. Gerardo is joining us after having just received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. ¡Felicidades Dr. Aponte Martínez! Students and staff alike are thrilled that he is returning for another fun summer of learning, and we are forever grateful for the years he has dedicated to our education community.
Donors of the Month 

A special thank you to all who gave this month, including:

USAID      Wilmington Friends School
SwimTayka      Apartments Dulce Vida      Christopher Lopez
Cynthia Maloney      Delia Khosrowshahi      Education First
MtipforKids      Fabrice Grinda      Glenn Keller
Foundation to Promote Open Society      Jack Cumming
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Mirtha Cabral      Tours Trips Treks and Travel
The RC22 Foundation      Dominican Joe Foundation
The Ford Foundation      Michael Zaleski      Brady Arnold

A special thanks to our Shared Responsibility Partners!


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