Massage and Aromatherapy....a good way of life.

We've got neighbors!
We want to extend a big warm welcome to the talented crew at 
Parlour Beauty Boutique. They opened their doors last month and they are rocking it! The studio is chic and the talent is amazing. Drop in and say hi to the friendly staff - they are right next door to us - so close we share the restrooms. :-)  

Summer fun, get the bug spray hon!

Works and smells great - 4oz Bug Spray Bottle


Same formula, purse sized - 10ml Roll-On with soothing jojoba 

10% off all  the Lavender Oils!


Kashmir Lavender: (NEW) - It's aroma is superb. Grown in the Kashmir Valley of India, located at the base of the Himalayan mountains - soothing and comforting.

A Blissful Aromatic Experience Diffusing Recipe

4 Drops Kashmir Lavender EO 
3 Drops Clarysage EO
3 Drops Lemon EO (or pink grapefruit) 
3 Drops Rose  EO 

Add the essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuse and enjoy the bliss. 

Offer ends July 10th. In-store and Online.

NEW! Sandalwood Essential Oil
It's pure, it's exquisite, it's responsibly sourced
and...its pricey :-/

We have it in 2 sizes 5ml Sandalwood and 10ml Sandalwood.

For an immediate rush of calm take a deep breath with one drop of Sandalwood essential oil and you will achieve it - Beautiful oil with amazing properties. 

When was the last time you had a massage? 

Psst, we are open July 4th - limited hours.

Aromatherapy Massage Blend of the Month is

Soul Soothing 

This month's blend is delightful- as stand-alone oils each of them are great options for nourishing skin. In a blend, they're a powerhouse. This month, the blend will soothe your soul and nourish your skin especially from the harsh summer sun. The combination is just WOW

Able to be incorporated in most massage services, this special blend is only offered during the month of   July Cost is $15. 

Blend formulated by Rose Chard, Registered Aromatherapist.

Want to use this blend in a diffuser? Retail purchase of this blend is available upon request. 


The perfect gift.....                   
Gift cards always available online or in-store. Individual purchase or Packages (look mid-way through menu) available. 

  Great for corporate gifts...