Kay Riddle and team here with a quick little newsletter fun. Please take a moment to look at  whats going on at New Solutions Realty and Affordable Home mortgage and FUN Stuff too!  

Monthly News & Updates
For our July newsletter a little fun and some important content too!  Lets celebrate summer with a list of our favorite Crab Shacks and talk a little about home improvements for the best return on investment. 
Upcoming Events

Maryland Society of Accountants and Tax Professionals
Sept. 2017-Jan. 2018
It's almost time for the Maryland Society of Accountants and Tax Professionals seminars to start up again. This is marking my 15th year with MSATP . I look forward to seeing you all there. 

The Great Frederick Fair
SEPT. 15-23, 2017
The Fair is always an exciting time for us at New Solutions Realty. As our office is 1 block from the fairgrounds main entrance. Please stop in for a visit or let me know if you need a Free parking space (first come , first serve). Below is a link to all the happenings of that week. 

Sept. 14-17, 2017
Thousands of  bikers  trek their way to Delmarva for OC Bike Week Delmarva Bike Week  will run through Seaford, Salisbury and Ocean City with  bike shows, rally's, vendors concerts and more. 

Celebrate Frederick in the Streets.
September 9, 2017 | 11 AM - 5 PM
For over 30 years, In The Street has been held in downtown Frederick.  The festival began in 1983 after major renovations closed Market Street for several months.  When the dust settled Mayor Ron Young decided to hold a festival for the entire community to encourage reinvestment in downtown.  The Festival was held in the street, so the naming of the event was simple. That first In The Street festival boasted 10,000 in attendance.  Today, In The Street attracts crowds of over 75,000.

Tips for New Homeowners
What new homeowners need to know that they didn't know as renters.

1. New homeowners should wait and watch for a whole year before making changes in the yard. Bushes, trees, perennials and some annuals will survive a mild winter and return each year. Wait to see what you have, it may be a wonderland.  

2. New homeowners should keep an eye on the dryer vent as it needs regular cleaning, possibly never thought of as a renter. 

3. HVAC service contracts are similar to regular oil changes in your car. Having it cleaned and serviced at suggested intervals is a good tune up for the system. If you have HVAC problems, having a service contract will make you a priority and possibly give discounts on repairs. 

4. If your home is on a septic system be very careful of what you put down the drain.  Fats, chemicals, food scraps should be limited and you should not install a garbage disposal. 

5. Insect prevention is a large part of home ownership. Simple things like limiting pots, tires, lids, kids toys that can collect water will decrease mosquito population. Hornets love to build nests behind porch lights, under unopened umbrellas and in the corners up under eaves of every home and shed, check these areas frequently.  Carpenter bees burrow holes in wood the same size as a pencil; stop these guys, they are damaging your home. Ants are always a nuisance and can be difficult to eradicate. Spraying around your foundation in the spring and ant bait traps are good maintenance.  The insect maintenance list can go on and on. Simply keep in mind home ownership does require insect/pest maintenance. 

Inexpensive home remodeling projects that will help you sell faster and for top dollar.
#1. Upgraded landscaping. 
#2. Fresh paint through out.
#3. Bright lighting, remove outdated fixtures.
#4. New carpet or hardwoods.  
#5. Back splash, new counter tops, painted or replaced out dated cabinets in kitchens.  
#6. Tile floors in laundry, baths. 
#7. Add tables, shrubs, shade and maybe a fire pit to outdoor living space.

With matching colors below are links to helpful wedsites. 

The biggest and best return of investment for appealing to buyers is CLEAN, UNCLUTTERED, ORGANIZED HOME WITH MINIMIZED  PERSONAL BELONGINGS. PRESENT IT AS A MODEL HOME.

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