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Summer's Ice Melt

Stock up for  

Heat and humidity is just around the corner.  Just as colder parts of the country stock up in August with ice melt, everyone should stock up now for the wave of stinky dumpsters that accompany the summer months. 


In controlling dumpster odors, you might also save your customers from getting a citation or financial penalty.  Many cities and municipalities have ordinances that consider a smelly dumpster a nuisance and can levy some hefty fines.


Nothing beats back dumpster odor like our "one-two" combination punch of Chute & Dumpster Wash Plus (cuts grease and counteracts severe malodors) and Nilodew Dumpster Deodorizing Granules (ongoing control).  


Chute & Dumpster Wash Plus is the safe, non-toxic choice for environmentally friendly odor control. It is a bio-enzymatic cleaner that contains grease loving bacteria and citrus oils for maximum strength.   Watch how easily the dilution sprayers works with any standard garden hose.


After treatment with Chute & Dumpster Wash Plus, keep odors under control with natural, clay-based Nilodew Dumpster Deodorizing Granules.  It does double-duty as the formulation not only knocks down obnoxious odors but repels insects and other pests with Citronella Oil and other natural ingredients.


> Watch our video on how easily dumpster odor control is achieved  two

Regular maintenance is mandatory to keep drain traps functioning properly.
Getting Ahead of Grease Trap Odors ... Naturally

There is one thing you never want to face during a busy night in the kitchen ... a backed-up grease trap.

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recommends having your drains cleared routinely each month, or every other month.  Some municipalities require a monthly cleaning of grease traps to prevent restaurant fats, oil, and grease from entering the municipal sewage system.  In some cases, violation can lead to some hefty fines.

The NRA also recommends having maintenance staff use a bio-cleaner (basically an enzyme) to eat away at developing clogs.

Our Bio-Enzymatic Nilozyme Trap & Drain Treatment contains multiple strains of bacteria for faster breakdown of organic matter.  It is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, non-corrosive and certified salmonella and pseudomonas-free.  It's powerful with over 200 billion micro-organisms per gallon. Use it with confidence on grease traps, drain lines and septic tanks.


If you don't trust your staff to stay consistent with treatments, check out our Nilozyme Automatic Dispensing System.  You set the time and appropriate doseof Nilozyme with an easy-to-use timer to automatically turn the pump on and off, thus ensuring regular dosing.


For additional protection, see how  ZymeCLING Multi-Purpose Gel clings to the inside of drains and pipes for reaching particularly hard-to-reach organic material (proteins, starches, and sugars) in drain lines with enzyme treatments.  It is also great for treating drain flies.


BioBreak Multi-Purpose Digester It has advanced bacteria strains and odor counteractant to eliminate odors at their source.  Use in combination with most carpet care cleaning chemicals to eliminate odors deep in carpets.


>  Download the Nilozyme Product flyer

Download the Automatic Dispensing System flyer

Download ZymeCLING product flyer
> Download BioBreak Multi-Purpose Digester flyer 

Earth Day Celebrates 45 Years 

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.  It was the culmination of a proposal by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who envisioned a national "teach-in" day as a grassroots movement.    

He employed a team of experienced student activists to help him organize the April 22 national event.

It was an effort to send a message to Washington D.C. that the American people were solidly behind a bold political agenda on environmental issues. 

Later that year, President Nixon signed legislation to create the Environmental Protection Agency.

For interesting documents and archives, visit the Gaylord Nelson Earth Day website.

In observance of Earth Day, here's a sampling of popular Nilodor products that are environmentally preferred/certified:

Oxy-Force Multi-Purpose Cleaner  (H2O2 Concentrate)  

This hydrogen peroxide general cleaner is formulated with 4% hydrogen peroxide, providing extra cleaning power compared to some other H2O2 products.  It is especially effective in removing carpet stains and leaving surfaces smelling fresh.


BioBreak is the first Green Seal biological for GS-53.  It has advanced bacteria strains and odor counteractant to eliminate odors at their source.  Use in combination with most carpet care cleaning chemicals to eliminate odors deep in carpets.


EcoLogo certified products Compatible with high heat equipment,  leaves no sticky residue and eliminates rapid re-soiling. A concentrated cleaner that  can be used with any type of carpet extractor.  CRI Approved.

For high powered cleaning, use in conjunction with Encapsulating Extraction Cleaner. A perfect pre-spray for heavily soiled traffic areas. Breaks down tough grease and dirt.

An ideal, all-purpose spotter that breaks down a wide range of soils and dirt. RTU.  

A fast acting, quick drying shampoo, spin cleaner which incorporates encapsulating technology to bind the soil, which is then removed through daily vacuuming. Leaves no harmful residue.


From Our App!  

Our Nilodor Mobile App is available at Google Play store for Andriod and at ITunes for IPhone/IPad.

Area-by-area guide for Educational Facilities

Let's say you are calling on a local school account and there is a question about the best solution for locker room odor. 

Mobile app facility icon screen Pull out your phone, tap our Mobile App icon and we'll guide you in finding the best solution!


First, access the "Odor Control" section/portal.  From there, you'll see an array of facility-related icons.  Here you can choose information for a particular venue, such as Educational Facilities. 


Under Educational facilities, the app provides options to view different areas of the facility. Next, tap on the Education Icon, and you'll find options for:

      • Restrooms/locker rooms
      • Kitchen & Cafeteria Areas
      • Dumpster and Trash Areas
      • General Cleaning Areas
      • Carpet Care
      • Addressing the spread of germs/disease.

Each facility area drills down and provides product suggestions.

Each area of the facility then provides suggestions for the products to address each area along with product flyer and SDS downloads.

You can also access industry specific flyers from this app.


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