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The New Standardized Testing Craze to Hit Public Schools  (Fairtest Report)
By Valerie Strauss

Last year, the Obama administration conceded that U.S. public school students were taking too many standardized tests, this after after a revolt among students, parents and teachers, and after a two-year study found that there was no evidence that adding testing time improves student achievement. But if you thought that the administration's admission meant that the problem was on its way to being resolved, guess again.

Today the rise of online or computer-based testing threatens  to reverse whatever progress has been made in reducing the number of tests in the last year. The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, known as FairTest, a non-profit organization that works to end the abuse and misuse of standardized tests, has put out a  new fact sheet about this program, which says in part:

Read the actual report here.
Play - by Daniel Greenberg
By Daniel Greenberg

Nothing disturbs visitors to Sudbury Valley School more than the sight of children of all ages playing freely all day long. The image contradicts every notion people have of what a school should be. Moreover, it seems to offer proof of our culture' s prevailing view that children, left to their own resources, cannot be expected to amount to much, since all they do is play. No matter how the situation is viewed, it doesn't look good.

In general, play has gotten a bad press in Western society. It is considered to be the activity that is least useful economically, socially, even ethically. It is associated with laziness and shiftlessness. It is the antonym of "work". At best, it is what one does when one has earned time off from productive work, when nothing more is expected of a person; it is to be discouraged at all other times. In the case of young children, it is sometimes acknowledged to be a necessary evil, and much effort is bent towards improving its quality, or justifying it as a partially excusable preparation for something more substantial.

Read the rest here.
Alfie Kohn - Unorthodox Ideas About Education

Interviews with Summerhill Pupils
Pauline & Tom
Pauline, aged 17 from Germany has nine siblings, 5 of whom have been to Summerhill.  Tom, aged 16 from London has two brothers.

How long have you been at Summerhill? 
P: 5 years, since age 12.
T: 5 years, since age 11.

Why did you come to Summerhill?
P: My three older siblings came to Summerhill so it seemed right and I wanted to find out what it was all about.
T: I always wanted to go. My dad worked here so I have always known about it. I came with him for reunions and after a brutal experience on an induction day for a secondary modern school I decided that I needed to be here instead.

How did it feel when you first started at Summerhill? 

Read the whole Summerhill Newsletter, including articles by  Zoe Readhead, Henry Readhead, Summerhill state members, archive here!
New AERO Podcast!

On this episode, Jerry interviews Charles Eisenstien about paradaigm shifts in human thinking, education, his books, and Donald Trump's effect on education.

You can listen here.
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