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Sky and sea shades of blue are now available for summer. Pearl blue, prussian, azure, and indigo, appear with pure white accents. Choose a lighter, brighter palette, in favorite linen, cotton, and crinkled blends. Perfect for sunny days and weekend fun.


Gerhard Richter / 1024 colours

Summertime Blues

A second round of artprint eco-bags has arrived. New bikes print, and
a return of bestsellers Great Wave and more. Click top photo to see full selection. Simple treasures, just $12 each. Printed in Germany by Loqi. 

Spoiled For Choice

We've re-stocked these popular tissue silk oblong scarves in an impressive array of color. These make thoughtful small gifts, and 
can be combined in pairs to freshen up a ho-hum outfit. Use your imagination and make a fun personal statement. Smartly priced 
at $18 each.



Seersucker Linen

We love this breezy summer look with minimal styling in neat modern
shapes. Linen/rayon blends that resist wrinkles and have a unique texture, are favored for travel. 

1) Basic tanks and longer Hampton Bay tunic shown in pearl blue, riverstone, and red clay. Tank 62. Tunic 76. Also in white. By Linnea.

2) Hand dyed crinkle rayon tunic by Citron features a side button pocket. Shown over seersucker cropped pant. Tunic 98. (Also comes in an open jacket style 112.) Pant 76.

3) Hampton Bay tunic tank in pristine white, over pearl blue crinkled pant. Shown with Tamaryn Design variegated silk crinkled scarf. 42.

4) Perfect summer Sardinia dress shown in pearl blue. Also in riverstone. 120.

SCRUNCHIE  grey/white dots



SYDNEY  ivory

VICTORIA  mixed camel
Sassy Hats

Wallaroo hats updated by new colors and weaves are always of interest.  UV protection combined with effortless styling make these repeat bestsellers. All featured styles are packable with crowns 
that flatten.

* Scrunchie polka dot ribbon fabric 52.
* Petite Scrunchie 42.

* Casual Traveler in tencel 48.

* Victoria Diva 48.

* Sydney 48.

* Victoria 48.

Silk Wraps

Finely woven raw silk scarves from Tamaryn Design double up as neat summer wraps. Subtle colorations dress up sleeveless styles with a sophisticated flourish. Lovely color choices. 

Swiss Summer 

Multi purpose loungewear items in comfortable cotton are popular summer travel choices. Calida of Switzerland has some styles that fit this trend, as well as classic sleepwear favorites.

Top: Dusty rose Corfu Chemise can be sleepwear, beachwear, or walk-the-dog attire. Also works as a long tunic over pants. 108.

Middle: French vanilla floral print pant, Etude lace camisole in pink,
and Kimono robe in blue granite, with matching tank. Click to see print close-up. 

* Pant 82.
* Camisole 38.
* Robe 116.

Bottom: Robe on model. Click to see two Calida classic nightgowns.
Long sleeve print 78. Short sleeve classic in white 76.

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First quality, in-season items, and designer close-outs 
at smart prices. It might be your lucky day!

Have a safe and happy holiday!