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February 2015
Summit Center Update
Here is the latest Summit Center news and information. Read on to learn Deanna Kim's tips on developing good study habits, how our upcoming parent discussion groups can help families of gifted children, new dates for Camp Summit, and who's speaking at CAG.
Deanna Kim, M.Ed., Educational Therapist
Just Like Flossing: 5 Ways to Improve Study Habits
by Deanna Kim, M.Ed., Educational Therapist


Deanna Kim is an educational therapist at Summit Center Walnut Creek and at the Athenian School in Danville, where she coaches students in executive functioning and other study skills. 

To schedule an appointment with Deanna, please call (925) 939-7500 or email


Most students would agree on the importance of studying for tests. No matter how creative you are and how high your IQ is, I have never met one single student who had stellar performance on tests at school consistently. These tests are not meant to reflect your creativity or intelligence. In fact, it is about how well you are prepared for the particular test. It is more about your academic habits and self-discipline.    


So why do many students find studying so difficult even though they see the value of studying to be a successful student? Read the Complete Article
Register Now for Parent Discussion Groups - Walnut Creek or Piedmont
Morning or evening groups for parents of gifted children begin February 23

Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed.
Kathleen Crombie, Gifted Parent Consultant

Are you challenged with parenting a gifted or 2e child?

You are not alone! Join other parents of gifted children to discuss the unique challenges that gifted children bring to families. Groups offer a forum for parents to gain insight into how their parenting styles and techniques can impact their child's behavior and development.

Our Spring parent discussion group begins on Monday, February 23. Led by Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed., parents can choose a morning session at a private home in Piedmont, or an evening session at Summit Center Walnut Creek.


Registration Opens for Camp Summit
One Week Residential Program for Gifted Youth June 21-27

Camp Summit

Camp Summit is our one-week residential summer program for gifted, talented, and creative kids and teens. Camp this year takes place June 21-27, 2015, at the Marin Headlands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Created especially for developing the "inner and outer nature" of gifted youth, the program offers creative and enjoyable ways for campers to be together, connect in meaningful ways, and form important relationships. 

Summit Center Speaks: CAG Conference Feb. 27-Mar 1 in Palm Springs

California Association for Gifted The annual California Association for Gifted (CAG) conference takes place later this month in Palm Springs, CA.  Summit Center professionals will be presenting sessions on a variety of topics throughout the three-day conference:
  • Social and Emotional Considerations in Educating and Raising Gifted Children (Parent Day Keynote Panel), by Dr. Dan Peters with Anabel Jensen, Ph.D, and Carolyn Light, Ph.D.
  • How to Talk About Gifted So People Can Understand, by Sharon Duncan
  • Grade Acceleration 101: When and How to do it Right! by Lisa Hancock
  • Metaphorical Thinking and Writing Through Depth and Complexity by Dr. Paula Wilkes with Karren Timmermans, Ph.D.
  • The Rearview Mirror: Key to Better Parenting and Teaching, by Dr. Paula Wilkes with Lea Stublarec, MSW
  • Outside the Lines: Learning, Visual Thinking, and Creativity, by Dr. Susan Daniels
  • Stealth Dyslexia, Flying Under the Radar, by Dr. Dan Peters
  • Applying Dweck, Gladwell and Gardner to the Gifted Student, by Sharon Duncan 

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