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"We can all get along - just like the snowboarders and skiers."

- Dr. Dan
Summit Center Update
May 2017

As we approach the end of the school year, now is a good time to schedule a comprehensive evaluation for your child. Call our office to make an appointment.
What Skiers & Snowboarders Can Teach Us 
By Dr. Dan Peters
Dr. Dan Peters 
My son asked if I could take he and a friend snowboarding for a Sunday adventure. My son was snowboarding with his friend and I decided to ski. I started my life as a skier and evolved to snowboarding over time. Lately though, between skiing with my youngest who was learning to ski, and because my body doesn't handle snowboarding falls as well as it used to, I have been skiing more.
Many of the lifts were double chairs so I often went alone, enjoying the beautiful scenery and people watching. After several chair lifts and several runs I became aware of something. People of all ages were snowboarding. People of all ages were skiing. Families had some snow boarders and some skiers. Everyone on the slopes was getting along and respecting each other's space and recreational sport orientation. As I looked around and pondered, I realized that my son probably didn't know if it was ever any different.
Remember when skiers were the dominant culture and snow boarders were new and looked down upon? Remember when many ski resorts did not allow snowboarders. Remember when skiers were thought of as elite and entitled and snow boarders were thought of as less than and second class? 
The Parent Footprint Podcast: Dr. Dan Interviews Lisa Stiepock on Toughlove
Dr. Dan welcomes author/editor/expert Lisa Stiepock of ToughLove to the Parent Footprint podcast. Among other achievements Lisa Stiepock was the Editor of Disney's award winning parenting magazine Wondertime and she is currently the editor of UCONN magazine.
Dr. Dan and Lisa discuss the new parenting anthology (Dan is a contributor) toughLOVE: Raising Confident, Kind, Resilient Kids (published by Simon & Schuster) and the companion online community. Lisa explains that the book and community provide balanced, practical advice for parents from child psychology experts on how to handle almost everything - from picky eating to media consumption to the homework wars.