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Counseling & Testing Offered at Reid Day School
Summit Center is proud to offer psychology services at Reid Day School in Costa Mesa. Lisa Hancock and Nicole Messuri, MA, LMFT, BCBA, together offer counseling, consulting, and assessment as part of the school's whole child approach to learning. The school's new term for 2e students begins on September 6. Learn more at .

" Having great study habits not only boosts your test scores but reduces unnecessary stress and test anxiety. "

- Deanna Kim, M.Ed.
Summit Center Update
August 2016

Many kids are heading back to school! If you want to better understand your child's learning and development this year, give us a call.
Improve Your Child's Study Habits and Time Management
Deanna Kim, M.Ed.
Article and Webinar Offer Solutions from Deanna Kim, M.Ed.
As our kids head back to school, study habits and time management once again become a big concern. Deanna Kim, M.Ed., offers Just Like Flossing: 5 Ways to Improve Your Study Habits, on how your child can create and maintain good daily study habits and self-discipline. Deanna is an Educational Therapist at Summit Center Walnut Creek and at the Athenian School in Danville, CA, where she coaches students in executive functioning to improve TOPS™ skills: Time Management, Organization, Planning, and Self-Understanding.
In addition, Deanna is presenting a Summit Center webinar, Time Management Skills for Your Child, on Tuesday, August 30, for families with children who seem unaware of passing time and often lose track of time.
In this online talk, Deanna will address the complexity of time management and the associated brain skills for youngster's brains. She will reveal how we can help our kids develop a daily and weekly habit of being intentional with their time.Deanna will also explore strategies to nurture our conversations with our children on time awareness and how to make time more visible.