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January 2015
Summit Center Update
We hope the new year is off to a great start for you and your family. Read on to learn Dr. John Aldava's insights on balancing screen time with "real life," how our upcoming parent discussion groups can help families of gifted children, and more.
Dr. John Aldava, Licensed Psychologist
Balancing Social Media and Screen Time
by John Aldava, PhD., Licensed Psychologist


Dr. John Aldava joins Summit Center after over 13 years at Kaiser Walnut Creek working on the Child & Adolescent Family team as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He is now available to provide counseling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and families in Walnut Creek. Call (925) 939-7500 or email to schedule.


A common issue raised in my office for children and teens is the modern day challenge of a screen time which may include gaming, computers, social media, tv, and movies. The real issue seems to be one of balance as the screens start to take up too much time and take away from important things like interacting with people (in real life), physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. I see screen time as being dessert. If you eat too much dessert, there is no room for dinner. Dessert is good idea, but we can't live on dessert alone. Read more

Register Now for Parent Discussion Groups - Walnut Creek or Piedmont
Help for parents of gifted children begins February 23

Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed.
Kathleen Crombie,  Gifted Parent Consultant

Are you challenged with parenting a gifted or 2e child?

You are not alone! Join other parents of gifted children to discuss the unique challenges that gifted children bring to families. Groups offer a forum for parents to gain insight into how their parenting styles and techniques can impact their child's behavior and development.

Our Spring parent discussion group begins on Monday, February 23. Led by Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.Ed., parents can choose a morning session at a private home in Piedmont, or an evening session at Summit Center Walnut Creek.


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