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5 Lies about Anxiety
Many gifted individuals suffer from anxiety. Learn the truths behind the myths about this common affliction in Dr. Dan Peters' piece (with Lisa Van Gemert, M.Ed.T.) "The Anxiety Myth: 5 Lies We Believe About Anxiety" for the American MENSA Bulletin.
Upcoming Events
Friday, April 29: Dr. Dan Peters will join a panel discussion on "Auditory/Central Auditory Processing Disorders" with Dr. Deborah Swain and others at the California Speech-Language and Hearing Association Annual Convention, Anaheim, California.
New Pasadena Office
Summit Center Los Angeles will be moving to a new office as of April 1. You can find us at:  30 N. Raymond Ave., Ste. 801,  Pasadena, CA 91103. For more information, call (310) 478-6505.
" When you have a choice of being right or wrong, choose kind. "

- Author Wayne Dyer
Summit Center Update
March 2016

To better understand your child's strengths and weakness, give us a call to schedule a comprehensive assessment now.
Choosing Kindness, by Dr. Dan Peters
Dr. Dan Peters writes about this late grandmother in this piece in Psychology Today, " "Choosing Kindness - How my grandmother and Wayne Dyer taught me the secret to a full life." 

"I am inspired daily by the love and kindness of my grandmother and the life and messages of Wayne Dyer. When you have a choice of being right or wrong, choose kind. Lead with kindness and love. Imagine what our world would be like if we all did this. I challenge you to be kind in all situations and see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised."

Last Chance to Register for Live Webinar on Development of Gifted Children this Wed.
It is a myth that gifted children don't face challenges. Learn about the Psychosocial Development of Gifted Children this Wednesday, March 23, at 4:00 pm Pacific with Dr. Stephen Chou. Incorporating concepts within the field of giftedness (such as precocity, asynchronous development, and overexcitabilities), this webinar will help parents understand their child's social and emotional development, and how to navigate through potential difficulties. Webinars are recorded for later viewing. 

Summit Center Services for Gifted Adults
Paula Wilkes Ph.D. Coach for Gifted Children and Adults
Are you feeling misunderstood at work or in your relationships?
Many of our services that we offer for children can also be very helpful for adults.

Many gifted adults may find that they are still suffering from experiences and challenges that affected them as children. Others find they are experiencing new challenges related to finding their passion, identity, parenting, relationships, career, and more.
  • Having a hard time concentrating at work?
  • Do you care that your spouse, colleagues or supervisors just don't seem to "get" you?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with something that you suspect you also have?
We provide a broad range of services for gifted adults, including consultation, testing, counseling, and more. We can work with you on issues related to giftedness and beyond, such as sensitivity, intensity, and social skills. Services are available via Skype for clients based elsewhere.