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This new journal gives kids their own workbook as an interactive, proactive, and hands-on way to more thoroughly conquer the Worry Monster. Companion to Dr. Dan's best-selling Make Your Worrier a Warrior books.  
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Doctoral trainee Brennan Whitley is conducting a study among young adults ages 18-30 for her PhD dissertation.  Email her to learn more.
"While the specifics vary from family to family, screen time... i s an issue parents struggle with every day. "

- Dr. Dan
Summit Center Update
March 2017

Happy Spring. Wishing you and your family growth and joy this time of the year.
Digital Breaks: 5 Things to Help Our Kids Disconnect 
By Dr. Dan Peters

We are living in a social experiment that is universal to all families today. Media and technology are a regular and normal part of our kid's lives and our modern culture - a new normal.

While the specific struggles with screen time vary from family to family, as a counselor to parents, teens, children I know this is an issue parents struggle with every day. Here are 5 tips I try to implement in my own home and I tell my patients to practice:

1. Accept reality - Many adults fight technology in the same way our parents fought too much television (a different screen but still a screen). Most of our kids will not remember a life without smart phones. They grew up with this a small computer in their hands and the ability to access anything, any time. We can't get mad at these kids for these habits - this is the time they are living in and we need to figure out how to deal with it...

New Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan: Mona Delahooke on Rethinking Behaviors
In the latest episode, Dr. Dan discusses emotional regulation, co-regulation and neurodiversity with Dr. Mona Delahooke, including how  her powerful viral blog post about Oppositional Defiance Disorder  really struck a nerve with parents.

Dr. Delahooke  is a child psychologist, author, speaker, and expert who specializes in early childhood development and early intervention for children with special needs. Her practice, speaking engagements, blog, new book  Social and Emotional Development in Early Intervention,  and forthcoming book The Visible Parent,  all focus on guiding parents through the journey of raising a child with special needs.  Her passion includes neurodiversity and relationship building between parents and children of all ages.   

Camp Summit Registration Now Open
Camp Summit for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative - West will be held the week of  June 18-24 this summer, at the Marin Headlands in Northern California.

In addition, Camp Summit- East will be opening in Maryland this summer. Go to for details.
Both camps are week long overnight programs designed specifically for gifted and creative youth ages 9 through 15. Created to develop the students' "inner and outer nature," Camp Summit offers stimulating and challenging activities combined with a staff uniquely qualified to nurture such a community, located in beautiful, picturesque settings.