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Free Virtual Meet Up for Gifted Adults with Dr. Paula Wilkes
- Having a hard time concentrating at work?
- Do you care that your spouse, colleagues or bosses just don't seem to "get" you?
- Has your child been diagnosed with something that you may also have?
Join Dr. Paula Wilkes for a free online video conference on Wednesday, August 10, at 12 noon (Pacific) to discuss your concerns in an informal setting.  Reserve Your Spot
Reid Day School for Twice-Exceptional Kids in Costa Mesa
Traditional schools and standardized tests are not for everyone. Your 2e child should not have to dread going back to school, or fear being misunderstood, instead he/she should be in an environment that will help them grow. REID Day School is now accepting new students for Fall 2016. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please visit or call (949) 680-9592 .
" Research shows that our brain rewires itself based on how we use it. "

- Deanna Kim, M.Ed.
Summit Center Update
July 2016

Summer is a great time to pause, reset, and spend some quality time with your kids. Play ball, go on a hike or do an art project together. You'll be glad you did!
Time Management Skills for Your Child: Webinar with Deanna Kim, M.Ed.,  Aug. 30
Deanna Kim, M.Ed.
Does your child seem unaware of passing time and often lose track of time?

Is your child overwhelmed, sleep deprived, or chronically late to school as a result of poor time management?

Research shows that our brain rewires itself based on how we use it. Then, how can we help our kids develop a daily and weekly habit of being intentional with their time? Join us for his one-hour webinar, "Time Management Skills for Your Child" on Tuesday, August 30, at 7:00 PM Pacific, to address the complexity of time management and the associated brain skills for youngster's brains. Summit Center educational therapist Deanna Kim, M.Ed. will explore strategies to nurture our conversations with our children on time awareness and make time more visible.

P resenter  Deanna Kim, M.Ed., provides educational therapy for executive functioning and math at Summit Center Walnut Creek. She coined the term  T.O.P.S. skills for Time Management, Organization, Planning, and Self-Understanding.  With experience as a classroom teacher in both urban and suburban schools, Deanna understands the demands of the current educational system.

$40 for unlimited viewing via your browser. Save $10 if you have registered for more than one Summit Center webinar.

SENG This Week in Williamsburg, VA
The annual national SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted) Conference takes place this week, July 21-24, in Williamsburg, VA. It's not too late to register! Summit Center professionals are speaking on topics including:
  • "How Can That Be? Demystifying the Options of Early College and Radical Acceleration" - Sharon Duncan with Cam Werley-Gonzales
  • "A Roadmap to the Unique Physiology of the Gifted Body" - Sharon Duncan with Dr. Joanna Haase and Dr. Nicole Tetreault
  • "Quirky Behaviors or Symptoms of Disabilities: Differentiating between Gifted and 2E" - Lisa Hancock with Dr. Joanna Haase