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Upcoming Webinars
Living With Intensity: Understanding the the Gifted Child  - with Dr. Susan Daniels. O verexcitabilities in gifted children - including psychomotor, sensory, and emotional - may offer certain advantages but also lead to being misunderstood, and potentially, misidentified. THIS MONDAY!
I can take care of myself! How come you didn't wake me up? Navigating the Parent-Teen Relationship  - with Dr. Dan Peters. Discover  developmental challenges, the current technology culture, and how to relate to your teen in ways that increase positive interactions, decrease conflict. October 27.
Supporting the Spiritual Lives of Gifted Children - with Dr. Paula Wilkes.  Spiritual sensitivity is characterized by profound empathy and exceptional emotional depth, intuitive insight, and strong connections to the natural world. Learn the characteristics and find resources. December 2,

"The biggest disservice we do to our 2e children is underestimating their vast ability."

- Dr. Dan Peters
Summit Center Update
September 2015

School has started! We hope you will take advantage of our new webinars and fall parent discussion groups. Our team looks forward to working with you and your family.
Is Outside the Box Learning Possible?
By Dr. Dan Peters, Founder & Executive Director
Dr. Dan Peters
The students at Reid Day School are considered twice exceptional or "2e" which represents their abilities on both ends of the bell curve. They are all gifted (very smart), highly gifted in fact, and also have learning and processing challenges that impact their ability to learn in a traditional, and even most, non-traditional and progressive environments. They may have dyslexia (trouble reading and spelling), dysgraphia (trouble with copying and writing), auditory processing and visual processing challenges, sensory processing difficulties, ADHD, and/or be on the highest end of the autistic spectrum (previously called Asperger's Syndrome). You all know these people -- Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Temple Grandin, Richard Branson, and the list goes on. They, and the others like them, had predominately miserable school experiences. Yet many, if lucky, also had one educator, mentor, coach, or family member who got them, inspired them, and found a way to teach them in a manner that they were able to learn.
Discussion Groups for Parents of Gifted and 2e Begin 10/22 in Los Angeles
Melanie Prager, J.D., C.P.E.
Parent educator Melanie Prager invites you to join a community of parents to discuss parenting challenges -- and the challenging behavior of our gifted and twice-exceptional "2e" children. Learn critical tools, strategies, and proven brain-based approaches to strengthen connections with these bright, intense, and sensitive children. Melanie says, "Connecting to and understanding your child is critical to grow positive relationships." Groups meets Thursdays, every other week, starting October 22, total of 5 sessions at Summit Center Los Angeles. Choice of mornings 10:30 am-12:00 noon or evenings 6:30-8:00 pm.