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Huffington Post (2/13/17): Parent + Partner Love: Modeling Intimacy and Romance on Valentine's Day is a Gift to your Children
Huffington Post (02/06/17): Family Values and Rituals: Are Our Kids Paying Attention?
Family Confidential 1/30/17: Annie Fox interviews Dr. Dan on "Turn Your Worrier into a Warrior"  Watch the Interview
Huffington Post (01/30/17): Parenting Anxiety: Are there Innocent Lies? Can Lies Go Too Far?

Psychology Today 1/23/17: Is Love Enough?
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February 27: Dr. Dan Peters will speak on "Parenting with Purpose: How self-awareness leads to a vision of successful parenting," at Athena Academy, Palo Alto, CA. Free. Information & Tickets
March 4-5: California Association for the Gifted 55th Annual Conference, Sheraton Hotel and Marina San Diego, California. Programs for both teachers and parents. Learn More
"By being aware of our worrisome thoughts, and the feelings that go with our thoughts, we can actually take positive steps to do something about it. "

- Dr. Dan
Summit Center Update
February 2017

If your would like to understand more about your child's learning profile, how to gain coping skills for your child, or how to help your child reach their full potential, give us a call. Confronts Teen Anxiety with Dr. Dan Peters
What can teens do to prevent progression of daily worry to anxiety? is a global online community where teenagers can share stories, prioritize well-being, and find information on how to handle stress and crisis. TeenzTalk was founded by an SF Bay Area teen Nadia G. The site includes a place for teens to share their stories on video, interviews with professionals, and campaigns for mental health, positive messages, and to #SpeakMindfully. Nadia recently interviewed Dr. Dan Peters of Summit Center for the "Hear from the Experts" section about how teens can cope with anxiety and worry.
Dr. Dan's videos address questions including:
- What can teens do to prevent progression of daily worry to anxiety?
- How can teens best cope with anxiety or worry?
- How can teens nurture their creative potential & learn to build resilience?
- What does it mean to be "gifted" or "twice exceptional"?
Share TeenzTalk with the teens in your life.
New Parent Footprint Podcasts with Dr. Dan: Alison Carmen and Annie Fox
The Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan features two new guests this past month.
Alison Carmen: Gift of Maybe
Dr. Dan welcomes life coach, business consultant, attorney, bestselling author and parent, Allison Carmen as his guest today.  Allison has developed the simple life philosophy of "Maybe" to help people deal with uncertainty. Her book The Gift of Maybe has changed countless lives - parents, adults, families, and of course her own. Dr. Dan and Allison talk about how the unknown does not have to create fear but rather can create possibility.
Annie Fox: Friendship Challenges
Dr. Dan welcomes Annie Fox, M.Ed. to discuss friendship, feelings, and the social world with compassion and empathy.  Annie is an educator with over thirty years of experience - specializing in working with tweens and teens. Annie's books The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating, the Middle School Confidential Series™, and Teaching Kids to Be Good People have helped countless kids and parents. Today's show discusses how children can navigate friendship challenges, figure out the complexity of social situations, and define what is a good friend.
Webinars Now Available on Demand
Summit Center is now offering two new webinar recordings through Vimeo. Supporting Smart Girls with Dr. Lisa White and Time Management Skills for Your Child with Deanne Kim, M.Ed., are each available for viewing for $40. Add promo code "multi" to save $10 if you purchase more than one webinar.
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