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New Gifted Research Group
We welcome the formation of Gifted Research & Outreach (GRO), a new non-profit organization "dedicated to manage, fund and distribute original research that furthers the understanding of giftedness -- and to promote the understanding of giftedness so that it can be accurately and comfortably discussed by American society and across all disciplines such that the needs of this population can be openly addressed." Founding board includes Summit Center consultant Sharon Duncan.  Learn more
"The dyslexic mind is not yet seen as a valuable resource, and the dyslexic child and adult are still marginalized."

- Dr. Dan Peters
Summit Center Update
October 2015

How is school for your child so far? If you want to better understand your child's learning and development, give us a call.
The Dyslexic Advantage: Our Hidden Revolution
By Dr. Dan Peters
Dr. Dan Peters
Dr. Dan Peters reports back from a Dyslexic Advantage conference, about dyslexic awareness in schools and at work, and continuing to educate everyone about the positive problem-solving advantages of having dyslexia. 

Dyslexics have different minds made for different jobs and tasks. These minds are able to recognize patterns, make connections, create unique designs and structures, and conceive novel solutions to complex problems -- in a way different than most typical minds.

The media is helping to raise awareness as more and more famous people continue to step forward and talk about their dyslexia. It is easier to step out when you are accomplished and accepted. It is difficult when you are struggling and failing. The concept of dyslexia seems to be getting some traction, but we are far from seeing changes in schools and the work place. The dyslexic mind is not yet seen as a valuable resource, and the dyslexic child and adult are still marginalized.
Upcoming Webinars
"I can take care of myself! How come you didn't wake me up?" Navigating the Parent-Teen Relationship - with Dr. Dan Peters, October 27, 10:30 am (Pacific).

Wondering what happened to your child? Remember those days when everything you said wasn't seen as annoying? Are you questioning your effectiveness as a parent? These are common questions and experiences of those parenting a teen. Try not to take it personally. Your teens actually aren't thinking about you, they are focused on themselves - and it is developmentally appropriate (though frustrating).   Learn more. Register now.
Supporting the Spiritual Lives of Gifted Children - with Dr. Paula Wilkes, December 2. Spiritual sensitivity is characterized by profound empathy and exceptional emotional depth, intuitive insight, and strong connections to the natural world. Join our gifted education consultant to learn the characteristics and find resources. Learn more. Register now.