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" I was challenging a current parenting paradigm - we need to protect our children from failure and pain ."

- Dr. Dan Peters
Summit Center Update
June 2016

School is out and summer is here! Congratulations to all of our graduates. If you want to make a positive change for your child in the first part of the next school year, don't forget to schedule assessments or consultation appointments now.
When Overparenting Goes Too Far
Dr. Dan Peters
By Dr. Dan Peters

I am sitting across two kind, caring, and hardworking parents who are concerned about their 16-year-old son's maturity, decision-making, effort in school, and most recently, his ability to pass his driver's test to get his license. Their strong-willed teenager refuses to practice for the test with the family car, and insists on taking the test in the larger, and much cooler, old family truck which he plans on driving once he gets his license. His dad explains all of the mechanical problems with the old truck and why he feels it will limit his chances of passing the test, and how upset his son will be if he doesn't pass. There have been several battles over this issue, as there have been in the past with homework, chores and commitment to his sports. His dad asks me, "So what should we do about the driver's test?" I said, "Let him use the truck." I will never forget the expression on dad's face when he responded, "And let him fail?" It was an expression of shock, disbelief and confusion.
I have known these parents for a long time. They are great parents and good people. What did I say? I had to check myself. Was I inappropriate, challenging, or provocative? I realized I was being provocative, but not because I was trying to, but because I was challenging a current parenting paradigm - we need to protect our children from failure and pain.

Dr. Lisa Hilley to Offer  Assessments at Summit Center Walnut Creek
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Lisa Hilley to Summit Center. Dr. Hilley will provide provide neuropsychological and educational assessments to children and adolescents at Summit Center's Walnut Creek office. She is a licensed psychologist with over fifteen years of clinical and assessment experience. She has worked in community clinics, hospitals, schools and community agencies across the United States.
Dr. Michelle Freeman, Summit Center's Assessment Director described Dr. Lisa Hilley as "A warm, diligent, and dedicated professional. Dr. Hilley prides herself in working collaboratively with parents to best support their children. She is strength-based in her approach and provides recommendations that are both practical and accessible. We are excited to have Dr. Hilley on our Summit Center team."

To learn more about Dr. Hilley, click here.
To schedule an appointment, please call (925) 939-6500 or email