Don't Forget to Turn Your Clock Forward
Saturday Night for Daylight Savings Time
Sunday, March 11, 2018 10:00 am
Lily Reid Holt Chapel
"Living a Life That Matters "
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman, preaching
Music by Daniela Sloan & David Hawkins
Recently, someone from our church asked how I determined what to preach on each week. The (mostly) short answer is that during Advent before Christmas and Lent prior to Easter, I try to preach from the lectionary, which is a list of Bible passages that generally relate to seasonal themes. It ends up working about about 2 weeks out of 3. The other week I go in a different direction because something has spoken to me - the news, a feeling, conversations, Spirit, etc. - or because, very frankly, the lectionary passage just didn't speak to me.
Such is the case this week, when my sermon is titled "Living a Life That Matters." I made that choice following a couple different conversations that grew out of Paula Bloom's Memorial Service. Many, many people were amazed at the almost unbelievable impact Paula had during her life - as author, educator, and devoted family person. It inspired some to ask "what kind of life have I lived...and has it mattered? Have I made a difference?"
As I write, I am still working on the message (and likely will be until 9:58 am Sunday morning!) Between now and then, ask yourself "Has my life mattered? How so? Have I made a difference with the gift of my time on this earth?"
I hope you will join us @ 10:00 am in the Chapel. We'll have two very special people providing music in our on-going singer - songwriter series, Daniela Sloan and David Hawkins, who's back in town this weekend from Pittsburgh. Please join us - and why not bring a friend! - TSD
Thanks to everyone who made the 2018 Men's Dinner featuring author and former pro basketball player (and Lake Bluffer) Tyler Smith a great success! Special thanks to Kraig Moreland for a great job leading the interview with Tyler.
Many of you have heard about the Farm Church - an innovative congregation in Durham, North Carolina that we are developing a partnership with in a number of ways, including through our Center for Innovative Ministry and also via our Summer Work Trip for High School students. The three founders of Farm Church - the Revs. Allen Bremer, Ben Johnston-Krace, and Brandon Wert - were at McCormick Seminary on Tuesday and then participated in a meeting hosted by Chris and Lesley Fisher for parents of young people in our church interested in the summer work trip. Thanks for Chris and Lesley Fisher for helping make it all happen!
What's Up @ the Office?
If you have been to the church office you've probably noticed a few changes. The four chairs and table on the first floor are now in storage, and the conference table from upstairs and some of the chairs have been moved downstairs.
There are a couple of reasons for this. First, we have more people - primarily inhabiting the office than ever before - primarily Terry, Zach and Tom. It is periodically used by others like Ken Hall for music practice and Elliott for weekly Dancing Bohemian School of Uke classes. The old set up, while attractive and ideal for many years, just wasn't working for us.
Second, the upper floor is increasingly used for classes , such as the two weekly sessions of the 12-week class Zach and Dave Andersen are leading. The current, more open set up on the 2nd floor lends itself for the practice of meditation an prayer, as well.
Finally, things are a bit up in the air because we are beginning work on a small construction project that we hope will have a big impact. This spring we will be enclosing the balcony that extends over the front entry, and turning it into an office for our Administrator,Terry Klausmerier. Currently, Terry has only a few storage cabinets with which to stay organized and do her work. There's no desk, no designated space that is either comfortable or consistently available for her to do her work. She regularly hauls multiple boxes in her vehicle back and forth to her home - which is neither smart nor fair to Terry. To have a separate work space for Terry to do her work is absolutely necessary.
The great news is that (a) the Village has approved our plan, and (b) that we applied for and received a grant from a very generous private foundation to pay for the project - so it will not come out of our Annual Budget. Once we get the new office set up this spring / summer, we will do a programming assessment and determine the smartest way to utilize the two main rooms of our office. Bottom line? The office has been a great blessing over the years for us, and we've been fortunate to set it up in a really nice way. However, our church has changed and our needs have changed, and so we are re-thinking what needs our office must meet.
That may be more than most of you wanted to know; I hope it provides answers to those who have asked "what's up @ the office?"
Bocce Ball on Saturday @ 5:00 pm is sold out - we are accepting spots on our waiting list - contact Terry with questions or to be added to the list.
Ken Hall's Weekend Music Roundup

Hi Folks,

You all are familiar withy the silky smooth voice of David Hawkins. This weekend I may as well feature him because there is not one, but THREE opportunities to enjoy his soulful sound!

Friday: David Hawkins & friends will be at Cafe Pyrenees in Libertyville from 7:00 - 10:30 pm. The band includes Elliott Delman, Fred Koch & Yours truly.

Saturday: David Hawkins will be at Cellargate in Highwood from 8 - 10 pm. Also, King Robinson & the Housewreckers (affectionately known as the All Star Blues Band when playing at church) will be at Abel’s Pizza & Mexican Food in Grayslake starting at 8 pm.

Sunday: David Hawkins & Daniela Sloan will be winding up our singer/songwriter series at the chapel.

Don’t Forget!

Every Friday at the Green Mill: The Flipside Show with B3 virtuoso Chris Foreman from 5 - 8 pm

Every Tuesday at Andy’s Jazz Club: The Soul Message Band will be playing two shows at 7 & 9 pm.

Every Wednesday at Andy’s Jazz Club: The Andy Brown Trio will be playing two shows at 7 & 9 pm.

Every Thursday at the Green Mill: Andy Brown solo guitar 5:30 - 8 pm.

Mark Your Calendars!!

March 16: Our Mandolin friend Phil Goldman will be playing with guitarist/singer Jeff Libman at Cellargate in Highwood for a special wine tasting event. Music starts at 7:30 pm.

March 17: The Hellhounds will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day at the Humble Pub in Highwood starting at 8 pm.

Sunday March 18: I’m very excited about the annual “4 Teachers & a Student service” which this year might actually be called, “5 or 6 Teachers, a Conductor and a Student”. I’m the student and I’ve got a great group of teachers including, Elliott Delman, Christina Trulio, Daryl Beese, Alex Zeravica, Thomas Bowling, Jen Hall and Conductor Bob Hasty. Definitely a Sunday not to miss!