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Sunday Morning Meditation


Sunday October 10, 2010
Thus should you look upon this changing world.
All component things are impermanent.
All component things are subject to dissolution.
See all of this world
As a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream,
A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream


Dear Dharma Friends

I attended an intersangha meeting At the Insight Meditation Center of the Mid Peninsula in Mountainview CA last weekend. It was a gathering of teachers and board members from 20 different meditation centers that have their roots in the Theravada lineages of Asia. I was accompanied by Jim Dalton, one of our teachers, Katherine Wolfe our treasurer and Susan Baer, a member of our board. We learned a lot and made some very rich connections for the future.

I was pleased to reconnect with Gil Fronsdale who is the founding teacher if IMC (Mid-Peninsula). I visited him in 2003 before we purchased our center to ask how they had done it. Our application to the IRS for non profit status, our articles of incorporation and our bylaws are all based upon similar documents from from IMC. Much more collaboration and mutual support will exist in the future.

Thirty one years ago I began to teach on Sunday evenings. For four of those years while my children were infants I cut back to every other Sunday. This makes a total of something like 1560 Sunday evenings. That is quite a tradition! The reasons for picking Sunday are lost in the mists of history.

Over the years a very large number of people have attended our Sunday evening gatherings. In order to facilitate the children/family group we moved from 7 PM to 6 PM some years ago. Even that posed problems for families that needed to get kids home to bed. For several years now we have not had a kids/family program. Tiffany Rogers made great efforts to revive it but attendance has been very low.

Over the years I have heard from many people that Sunday evening is not optimal because they need that time with family or for preparing for the workweek by getting to bed early. Some of our elderly participants said that they were less likely to come in the evening because it required them to drive after dark.

A few months ago I was speaking with another teacher-friend from Canada. She told me of the incredible success she was having at building community by having her gathering on Sunday morning. This set the wheels in motion for me.

Last Sunday morning Jim Dalton and I attended the Sunday meeting at IMC with Gil. As we participated in that meeting and the following potluck it became clear that it is time to experiment with a Sunday morning practice at PIMC. In conversation with Gil he pointed out the obvious that Sunday morning is when our culture attends to the spiritual as a community.

I have talked this over with our board and a number of other participants in our community and have been pleasantly surprised by the supportive affirmative response from almost everyone.

There will inevitably be some people who will be disappointed to see this change. We are wondering about continuing some form of practice on Sunday evenings for those who for whom this is an optimal time. For those of you within attending distance of PIMC please click HERE to to weigh in about Sunday evenings.

Sunday Morning Practice Begins at PIMC Sunday October 10

Live Video Streaming will be available Sunday mornings and archived at www.ustream/dharmarobert.com

There are two times proposed for the Sunday morning practice

8:30 - 9:10 AM First sitting (optional)
9:10 - 9:25 Walking meditation
9:25 - 10:00 Second (Main) Sitting
10:00 - 10:05 Announcements
10:05 Dharma Talk
11:00 Closing, Tea and social time.

9:30 - First Sitting (optional)

10:10 - Walking
10:25 - Second (Main) Sitting
11- 00 - Announcements
11:05 - Dharma Talk
12:00 - Closing, coffee tea"

If you live locally and would like to weigh in with your preference concerning what time to begin please click HERE.

There will be a community practice day one Saturday a month. Dates to be announced. These will be themed and will consist of some periods of sitting and walking practice, breaking into small groups for discussion, and a potluck. Several people at IMC told me that this is the central community- building event there. People get to know each other and relationships expand out into their lives.


Family and Children Program in gestation.

This new Sunday morning schedule will enliven a children/family program. Tiffany Rogers, Jamie Hopkins and I will be meeting during the next couple of weeks and more information will be forthcoming. They will then reach out for participants and support in bringing life to the program. With the class in the morning on Sunday a vast array of possibilities arise. We are planning to provide childcare for small children so that parents can come and get a "Dharma break".


I find myself pretty excited by the potentials of these new developments at PIMC. Our board invites you to participate in making it all happen.

What do you think of these changes?

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.
Via the list serve
Please join the PIMC list serve under "Contacts: at www.portlandinsight.org, so you can participate in the ongoing conversation of our community.

Robert's phone 503-223-2214

Board Members:

Robert Beatty rbeatty@easystreet.net
Jim Dalton jwdalto@comcast.net
Larry Berry lberry2552@aol.com
Christine Howard christine_e_howard@yahoo.com
Katherine Wolfe wolfalohalani@gmail.com
Douglas Pullin douglas@douglaspullin.com
Susan Baer bearalohani@gmail.com

Yours in Dharma

Robert Beatty

Guiding Teacher

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