It's Here! The Long-Awaited Battery Backup System
Just in time for the holidays and the winter storm season We're excited to now offer  the long-awaited  sonnenBatterie  battery backup solar power system. Never worry about losing power again. This small and attractive battery system is a critical addition to ensure power reliability, no matter what type of storm or issue arises. The battery features a unique power detection system that senses outages in real-time and will automatically switch over to battery power.

The sonnenBatterie is a 24/7 home energy storage solution that uses intelligent software to manage the energy needs of your home, every minute of every day, season after season. Practically speaking, this means that you're not only covered throughout the day, but you're also able to use your solar power at night too. And should a power outage occur, sonnenBatterie  has the capacity to keep you humming along even during extended grid failures.

In addition, the program is user-friendly; with the downloadable sonnenApp, you're able to check your energy usage and production anytime and from anywhere. You can, therefore, monitor, analyze and take control from your smartphone or tablet as much or as little as you like.

To find out more info, contact or call  914-762-7622 .
Sunrise Success: $0
Solar for Synagogues: Temple Israel of Northern Westchester Receives $0 Electric Bills!

Temple Israel of Northern Westchester, located in Croton on Hudson, NY  is now generating 100% of its power needs with its new roof-top solar energy system, designed and installed by  Sunrise Solar  featuring 188 solar panels. It's expected to generate 70,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year -- and is projected to save the Temple $317,000 over 25 years!

"Our decision to switch to solar energy is not only the right, green thing to do and good for the environment and our community -- there's also a positive financial impact," says Temple Israel of Northern Westchester Board President Glen Wolland. "Our solar array not only generates 100 percent of our power, we're now banking power in the summer months as well."

Inspire & Install - Education is Key to Our Business
Solar is our passion and our business. We love what we do each day and strive to make a critical impact on improving the environment. This includes reaching out to today's youth to provide them with the tools and learning that will enable them to respond to global warming and our ever-emerging green economy. That's why in  addition to installing a 284-panel solar array on the rooftop of the Hendrick Hudson Free Libray in Montrose, NY, Sunrise also created a visually-exciting educational solar display for the multimedia kiosk in the library's Children's Room to  educate the children about renewable energy and its importance to the future of our earth.   

The new solar installation is now on track to produce 84 percent of site energy. And, a ccording to Hendrick Hudson Free Library Director Jill Davis, the library's first electric bill has already decreased by $600 in just three weeks!

"We loved the idea of getting our youngest patrons involved with solar," says Hendrick Hudson Library Director Jill Davis. "We're certainly very happy to be saving money with the new installation, but our goal is also for children to be able to see it in action, ask questions and understand what solar is all about."

With easy-to-read type and colorful graphics, Sunrise created a large screen display that would be visually appealing to children and would best illustrate how solar panels collect energy and can power a building. In addition, we featured the number of kilowatt-hours of power currently produced by the library and how that can help the environment.
According to Sunrise CEO Doug Hertz: "Kids that learn about solar energy now will be in a much better position to make the right energy choices when they get older. We aim to inspire & install solar throughout Westchester and the tri-state area -- and that includes paving the way with educational programs and useful information on clean energy that will inspire young visionaries in sustainability."
Sunrise Season of Giving
The holiday season is an important one at Sunrise with a strong focus on giving back. We always support many charitable programs and efforts throughout the year and encourage our entire team to stay active and involved in causes that are important to them.  This holiday season, Sunrise Solar Solutions is proud to announce our special fundraising support for  WE CARE Solar, funded by the  SunPower Foundation, to help those affected by the recent natural disasters.  This program partners with healthcare organizations around the globe to ensure that skilled healthcare facilities have adequate lighting and power to save lives.  Please join us in supporting this important effort by making a donation this holiday season to help save lives. 
Sunrise Solar Connections
You may have seen us at numerous events and conferences  - and we hope to have had the opportunity to meet and chat with you in person! We love opportunities where we can connect with people and educate them about all that's happening and new in renewable energy and solar technology.
  • One of our favorite events was the Fall Westchester Home Show where we launched the  sonnenBatterie Battery Backup Solar System. We've received many orders and inquiries since this launch, and are excited to offer a system that guarantees peace of mind and power reliability for your home.  We look forward to providing you with all the details.
  • Sunrise CEO Doug Hertz recently had the honor of speaking at the Energize New York PACE Update, funded by PACE, where he presented: "Community Solar in Multifamily Building."
  • At the Building & Realty Institute 2017 Vendor Showcase, Doug Hertz presented: "How Building Owners Can Make Money from the Recent Renewable Energy Policy Changes."