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Peter Gray and Yong Zhao at last year's AERO Conference in Portland, OR. See Free Yong Zhao and Gray's keynotes below!
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We'd like to ask you for suggestions for keynotes. In the past we've been very fortunate to have people like John Gatto, Alfie Kohn, Riane Eisler, Sir Ken Robinson, Debbie Meier, Sugata Mitra, peter Gray  and Yong Zhao. We could even invite some of these great presenters back.
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Also, for the first time we are posting free links to last year's keynotes. Last we posted Peter Gray's presentation. Here is Peter Gray's fascinating and unique keynote. And here is Yong Zhao's insightful and hilarious keynote. Peter Gray is an evolutionary psychologist with expertise in the area of play and close connections to Sudbury Valley School. In this talk he traces education's roots further back that most people can imagine! Yong Zhao is a renowned expert on Chinese and American education. His talk was  uniquely created for AERO and featured his personal "alternative" education in China. 
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Ed: This is a special for the AERO e Newsletter. It is about a very unusual democratic university in Japan, written by a Chinese observer.

By Yan LI
From the oldest continuously running democratic school Summerhill founded in 1921, untill now, democratic education has developed into a global movement, from kindergarten to high school. There are a number of democratic schools at the pre-school, primary and intermediate levels but at the higher levels, there are fewer. I was curious to know how the principles of democratic education are implemented at the university level?

Shure University in Tokyo is a 27-year- old college where students have the freedom to choose what and how they learn and where they use a democratic decision-making process among students and staff. Mr. Kageki Asakura is one of the founders of Shure University. We met at the First Asia Pacific Democratic Education Conference (APDEC), which was held at the Holistic School, Miaoli County in Taiwan from July 18 - 24, 2016. During this conference, keynote speeches in the morning were given by appointed speakers and after that, most time segments were open space where anyone could sign up and share their own experiences in workshops, discussions, and other formats.

During the keynotes, Mr. Kageki interpreted the speeches to the students who gathered together and listened intently. On the 22nd, the Japan Democratic School network held an Open Space presentation about "Japanese School Refusal and the Democratic School Network Movement." Apparently, school refusal in Japan is a huge issue in the field of education. Many democratic school students go through the process of school refusal. In the beginning, the students who went through this process themselves, explained what school refusal is, why the students refuse to go to school and how the democratic schools meet the student's needs.  They don't really refuse school for economic or health reasons but for deeper reasons that question their sense of self, their values and identity.

Read the rest here.
Research on Democratic Education
The AERO School Starters Online Course is entering its final month. One of the discussions has been about ways to explain how democratic and learner-centered education works to parents of potential students. One important way is to present actual sociological and brain research. This is a link to one article that goes all the way back to the 1930's by famed sociologist Kurt Lewin. He did a series of experiments with groups that were democratic, authoritarian and "laissez-faire." We have many other articles that have been presented to the group. Although it is too late to get into this year's course, we now are offering the possibility to see the resources from this year's course. You can get information about it or sign up for it here

Read the Lewin article here.
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