Patriotic red, white and blues, competitively priced Super Durable powders, our online TDS tool and much more
At IFS we are proud to be an American company. We're proud to manufacture only here in the US, creating American jobs and tapping into a wealth of American talent, and we're proud to supply hard working American companies with high quality, American powder coatings. As we enjoy the Independence Day celebrations, check out these patriotic powders, great stories and the new TDS search tool, created with you in mind.
Independence Day Red, White and Blues
July 4th and all the celebrating that goes with it is nearly here! Check out these gorgeous red, white and blue shades - just some of the 55,000 colors available to you at IFS!
    Little Red Wagon                  Choice Sky White                   Blue Streak II
    PLSF60229                           PRSF80005                           PLSF20045
Check out more of our colors online or email Grace at for sample panels.
Superhero, Superman, Supergirl, Super Durable?
Are Super Durables really the super hero of powder coatings? 

Tough, durable, strong and steadfast are all common traits associated with all manner of super heroes, but they're also commonly associated with super durable powder coatings too.
Super Durable Polyester powder coatings are actually designed to have super hero qualities - well at least when you compare them with a standard polyester powder coating!

Created to hold their color and gloss over 5 years of continuous Florida weathering testing and pass 3000 hours of salt spray and humidity testing, Super Durable Powders are certainly "Super".

With this in mind, it's easy to see why Super Durables are the obvious choice for many exterior products or applications and are even used on interior applications where there are concerns about weathering (i.e. the interior of a window frame) or a more stressful interior environment.
What's more, Super Durables are available in a huge array of colors and special effects and are extremely competitively priced.
Check out the below table that compares standard and super durable polyesters performance.


Standard Polyester

Super Durable Polyester

Chemical resistance

Same, but no nitric acid or window cleaner test requirement for standard polyester

Mechanical resistance

Same, but no abrasion test required for standard polyester

Humidity resistance

1500 test

Blisters size 8

3000 hrs

Blisters size 8

Salt spray resistance

1500 hrs

1-2mm creepage

Blisters size 8

3000 hrs

1-2mm creepage

Blisters size 8

Florida exposure

1 year

5 years

Color retention

"Slight fade"

Color change Delta E <5

Gloss retention

"Slight fade"

Minimum 30%

Get a super hero in your life!

Talk to your IFS representative about IFS Super durables, or call  866.437.2864 for more information.

Need your IFS TDS quick? Use the new online search tool
Finding the TDS you need has never been easier. Simply go to, click on the resources section, and choose the TDS search. Enter the code you are looking for, e.g. PLSF60229 (no spaces) into the search box, and if the TDS is loaded onto the website it will appear.

Most of our stock products are on there! With 4000 products on the site, we are still working to add as many as possible on there. If there's one that you use and you can't find it, send an email with the product code in the subject line to, and we'll make sure it gets added right away.
Q: What do draft beer, wine, coffee and cocktails and IFS Coatings have in common?
A: Simple. Micro Matic USA
Micro Matic, a leading global supplier of draft beer, cocktail, water, and wine dispensing systems in over 120 countries, have been helping breweries, retailers and beer lovers enjoy fresh beverages for over 50 years. Delivering reliable, high-quality and cost-effective dispensing solutions also requires hard working, durable, high quality and attractive coatings. Enter IFS.
"We work with a variety of materials, so powder coating offers a good cross section of cost, lead time, durability and reliability when compared to alternative coatings," comments Thomas Scotii, Customer Service Supervisor - Manufacturing & Design Center at Micro Matic. "We work with IFS because we have an established and reliable history with the product and the quick turnaround times available on colors and service levels are excellent.  We have an extremely fast paced business; timely access to consistent materials is key for us."
The Micro Matic dispensing products enable the beverage to be poured perfectly every time through the patented Kool-Rite™ module. Different tower shells are then manufactured to incorporate the Kool-Rite™ module inside. Using a variety of shapes, columns and sizes for the tower, the body can then be customized with a specific IFS powder color.
With the huge range of colors and effects available at IFS, Micro Matic is able to offer customized
draft towers for customers based on their exact color and design specifications. Scotti continues, "We're able to show an expansive color range, which enables our customer to achieve a distinctive personal look for their bar, brewery or wherever they use our products."
Of course choosing a sustainable coating is also very important to the winners of a 2016 Sustainable Business Award - Micro Matic USA. IFS powders boast an extremely sustainable footprint and as a company, IFS is committed to sustainable practices. It's even part of the mission statement. Micro Matic's Scotti comments "Sustainability in both longevity of a company, as well as environmental best business practices, is always at the forefront of our minds.  It is an inherent part of our business culture and we not only expect such levels of sustainability from ourselves, but our vendors as well. When looking at vendors, we are looking for leaders in the industry - leaders that are in it for the long haul. We're proud to coat our products with a sustainable powder coating we're not just talking the talk, we're walking the walk."
Super Wet Black powder with anti mar properties
This awesome, newly developed super wet look black powder coating has added anti-mar capability. It's perfect for anyone needing a great looking product for aluminum applications that won't have rubbing issues. Formulated in Super Durable Polyester technology it is a great choice for most exterior applications and all interior uses. Ask for product code SRSF 11419

For sample panels or to order this product, talk to your IFS representative or call 866.437.2864.
Finding the color you need online 
Check out over 4000 IFS colors at

Finding the color you need is easy.
Simply go to colors, click "color search" and this page will appear:

Click on the color type you would

like to view. In this case we clicked
on the yellow button:

Then select "Find colors":

Once you have chosen the color type and clicked
"Find colors", then the shades that we have loaded
onto the website will appear.

Not all the shades of the colors that we have

are available on line. If you don't find what you need,

simply send us an email from the contact us section

and we'll help you out.


Remember, you should never order a powder based

on what the color looks like on your screen. Mobile devices,

tablets and computer screens are not calibrated, so there

can be a big difference in how the color appears on screen and in real life. You can contact us to order a free sample panel here or call 866-437-2864 and we'll ship one right out to you.

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