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Jeff...ADD and the Zen Line. You Gotta Watch This!

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from Kutmaster!
 Ken Kelsey on on SuccessFit!
Ken talks about the benefits of walking from the perspective of an older, active person. 

Sandy shares her passion in this under a minute video!  

Are You Missing Sales Opportunities? 
I'm calling out suppliers here, but Distributors are also missing out on business opportunities!

In this issue, our resource article talks about engagement and how business is changing. I've beat on the business is changing drum for a while, but really...do we get that business is in fact changing?

Are we as an industry content to do the things we always have done, the same way we always have done them? 
Business as we know it...and our industry business model as we know it, is crumbling before our very eyes. Check out our commentary, Suppliers...Where Are You? (With a subtitle, Distributors Where Are You?

Those who like to stay active are invited to join the FPT SuccessFit Facebook GroupPost what you like to do away from the office! Share your biking, hiking, running, walking, skiing, mud events...whatever!

You are invited to join the FPT SuccessFit Facebook GroupPost what you like to do away from the office!


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Product Spotlight...

Suppliers...Where Are You?
Distributors...Where Are You? 

I am hardly an expert in the area of social media. 
In my personal online life, I will post pictures of my cute, but very weird dogs and family outings.

I'll occasionally "check in" at restaurants, since it's important for my "friends" to know I'm eating well and hanging with the right people that I "tag"

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Going into tradeshow season with a plan is key. You should carefully craft and implement your plan in an effort to get the most return on your investment. In the our final blog post of this series - we're focusing on what you can do post-show to get the best return on everything you've planned.

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