[Blog] 5 Packaging Predictions for 2014 

Chainalytics' Rob Kaszubowski shares his predictions for the biggest packaging trends in 2014, including: Cartonization, slack fill, harmonization, shelf space optimization, and plant-based packaging. Do you agree? Read More >

In order to manage through the new complexities of the global economy, shippers need to establish new processes that consistently reassess supply chain and transportation networks. Today, there are a number of "new normals" that are causing transportation and logistics managers to rethink their supply chain networks.  Read More >
[Whitepaper] Enabling the Next Billion Wireless Devices
In 2013 alone, about 20MM wireless devices were returned within the buyer's remorse period and another 25MM under warranty. Using a hands-on approach, wireless carriers can identify the best operating model to dampen return flows, profitably surpassing the next billion wireless devices hurdle. Read More >
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2014 FMIC Summit
April 15-16 | Baltimore, MD
Our 9th annual Summit is just around the corner! The shipper-only event is for members of the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium.  
April 22-25 | Orlando, FL
Chainalytics' Eric Carlson will present The Story of Mojo: Building a Packaging Focus into Product Design with Jeff Tronnes from Stratasys. 

April 27-30 | Las Vegas, NV
Feeling Lucky? Stop by Chainalytics' booth, E620, to enter for a chance to win $35,000

Register for the conference using promo code FOCOTYZR. If you're one of the first 50 to register by April 26, JDA will even throw in a DVD of the Oscar-nominated film "Captain Phillips". 

April 28-May 1 | Bentonville, AR
Chainalytics' Packaging Optimization Team will exhibit during this unique gathering of key Walmart associates and suppliers, to share successes and strategies for furthering sustainable innovations. 

May 15-16 | Amsterdam
Chainalytics' Janne Salmi will be in attendance for this unique European Conference. 

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