FALL 2014


Supply Chain Design Centers of Excellence are "hot" right now, offering companies the possibility of staying ahead of the competition by making Supply Chain Design a core competency.  

Why do some Supply Chain Centers of Excellence thrive and some fail to live up to their potential?  

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Chainalytics helped Energizer improve overall shipping density per cubic foot by 61%, resulting in a more favorable LTL freight classification, a 24% reduction in freight trailer usage, and a removal of 17,604 miles from the supply chain, which saved 2,515 gallons of diesel and eliminated 56,333 lb of CO2 emissions.

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Mix together an economic rebound, rising interest rates and a driver shortage and what do you get?

The makings of supply chain turbulence in 2015.

Mike Kilgore, CEO of Chainalytics explains what to prepare your supply chain for in 2015. 

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Supply Chain Design
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Integrated Demand & Supply Planning

The Brave New World of Grocery E-Commerce | Tom Wrobleski | September 8, 2014

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Supply Chain Operations
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Packaging Optimization
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Shedding a Light on Dim Weight Pricing Changes for Parcel Shipments 

This educational webinar will explore the best ways to right size your packaging, tactics for reducing small parcel costs, and shipping alternatives to consider now to get plans into place for 2015 and avoid costly mistakes later. 
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A Guide to Carving Out
A Better Forecast

Is your Forecast Stuffed?
How can you tell? What does "just right" really look like for your portfolio mix? Ben YoKell serves up a pragmatic guide on how to slice and dice your forecasts in order to satisfy more S&OP stakeholders just in time for year end. 

Nov. 10-12  | Barcelona, Spain 
Chainalytics and Dimar, a leading retailer operating in the North of Italy with stores organized in different channels, will present, "Benefits From Promotions Management and Optimization". 

MAPICS 2014 

Nov. 19-21 | Cannes, France
Steve Ellet, VP of Supply Chain Design at Chainalytics, will present "The E-Commerce Battle Ground: Building the Logistics Supply Chain of the Future" in conjunction with CBRE, the world's largest commercial real estate services firm.

Jan. 19-21 | Dallas, Texas
Irv Grossman, VP of Supply Chain Operations at Chainalytics will present, "Design Considerations for Manufacturer's Reverse Logistics Facilities".

Jan. 23-27 | Miami Beach, Florida
Tom Wrobleski, VP of Industry Supply Chains at Chainalytics will be in attendance. 

Jan. 28-29 | Las Vegas, Nevada
Chainalytics will present on "E-Commerce & Supply Chain" during the conference. 

TPA Supply Chain Conference
Feb. 15-17 | Phoenix, Arizona 
Chainalytics will present "Driving Growth and Improving Costs with Collaborative Logistics at Clorox".

Feb 22-25 | Orlando, Florida
Stop by Booth #107 to meet up with the Chainalytics' gang during this top gathering of retail supply chain executives. 

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