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Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel with Your Adexa Application

A pivot table is a very useful tool in Excel that has been around for years. It gets its name from the fact that it gives you the power to pivot or turn data in different ways to get different and perhaps more enlightening perspectives on it.  On the fly, you can drag and drop characteristics of your data, add new measures, and even build graphical dashboards. 

So it was obvious that Adexa's Excel Initiative needed to support the easy use of them.
However, instead of just static pivot tables that you might be used to, pivot tables that we help you create in  Excel can now have a live connection to your Adexa product and to the other users. You will be able to see what changes your colleagues are making to the same data with a click of a button. You will be able to make your own changes to the data, directly in the pivot table value cells, and publish them to your colleagues with a click of a button. And if you want to work offline or even pause in your publishing if you temporarily lose your internet connection then .. no problem: we support that.

That is where we are g oing with our Excel initiative. Would you like to know more? If you are an existing client simply send a request to and we will give you access to a series of demo videos showing you what you will soon be able to do.

Adexa Update

Dr. Cyrus Hadavi recently been named as "A Courageous Trailblazer" by Insights Success Magazine.  In a recent article featuring the "50 Most Creative CEO to Watch", Dr. Hadavi was noted as one of the first pioneers of application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to planning problems.  His research resulted in implementation of the first generation of planning solutions and the results were fast development of products, shorter cycle times and much improved customer service.